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If your life will change dramatically after you finish with TOEFL, you can't afford to miss this free training.
Presenter: Jaime Miller

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Who I am & Why I created this Free Training
I'm Jaime Miller. I've been teaching TOEFL online, full-time since 2011.

Over the years, I have witnessed so many healthcare professionals unintentionally sabotage the start date of their careers in America because of their approach to studying for TOEFL iBT. There is so much misinformation and confusion that most foreign-trained physical therapists, nurses, pharmacists, dentists and veterinarians fall prey to.
I created this Free Training to shine a light on the most common reasons why people get ridiculously stuck with TOEFL iBT... By knowing these secrets, you can avoid torturing yourself and your family with your TOEFL studies.
Jaime Miller
What Students Say About This Training

Here’s what people said about the benefit of the information you will hear in this free training.

"This training shows an individual approach to solving students' problems with TOEFL iBT. I saw myself in the stories you told about your previous students. Their success made me feel like I can do it, too!"
OK, Pharmacist
"Like most, I find TOEFL boring, frustrating and a waste of money and time. Watching your presentation reminded me how lucky I am to have access to your e-courses—and that I am not alone on this journey because you're right there! I can't wait to be included on on your list of successful students!"
KB, Pharmacist
How Students Got S26
how to fix fossilized errors with grammar vocabulary and pronunciation
I changed my Speaking score from 23-24 to 28

After trying 10+ tutors, I found Jaime's method -- and I changed my TOEFL Speaking score from 23-24 to 28. My American friends were surprised how my English has improved. I am done with TOEFL. I acknowledge that it's all about Jaime Miller's techniques.

Highest Speaking score: 28/30

I could see my errors and understand where and how to improve.

Before Jaime, I tried 3 different TOEFL teachers. I felt so frustrated about it because If he didn’t know, how could I improve? But with Jaime it was different. The Memory Pouches were also really helpful to fix fossilized errors and consequently improve my English.

Highest Speaking Score: 26/30

I was desperate to find a lifesaving solution. All her study materials are worth your time and effort.

Before I met Jaime I’ve tried a few other TOEFL iBT prep courses. They definitely gave me some understanding of TOEFL and I achieved some progress. However I was stuck at 24 for pretty long time. I was kind of desperate to find a really lifesaving solution for 26, so after long research I realized that Jaime with her experience and special approach to every student is my last chance to finish with TOEFL.

What I liked the most from the first meeting is Jaime’s approach to assess my current level of knowledge as well as my psychological condition and life circumstances. That helped us to determine the number of important steps on my way to success with TOEFL. I highly recommend to follow the roadmap created by Jaime precisely

Highest Speaking score: 26/30

In a year, Future You will be glad you started now.
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