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5 "Must-Speak" Words for TOEFL iBT Speaking
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Step 2 : Listen and repeat
because  /bɪ.kəz/
this /ðɪs/ that /ðæt/ these /ðiz/ those /ðoʊz/​
woman /wʊ.mɪn/   women /wɪ.mɪn/    man /mæn/      men   /men/
say /seɪ/    says  /sez/     said /sed/
advantage /ed.væn.ɪdʒ/    disadvantage    /dɪs.ed.væn.ɪdʒ/
professor /prə.fes.ər/ her   /hər/    research   /ri:.sərtʃ/
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