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      Helping determined 

foreign-trained professionals




to Collect More Points in Every Sentence during


the TOEFL iBT Speaking test

unknown rules of the

TOEFL iBT test

So you can unlock your confidence, show up like a champion and land the promotion & career you deserve

So you can unlock

your confidence, show up like

a champion and land the
promotion & career you deserve
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Who I am & Why I created this New Training to Show You How to Unlock for TOEFL iBT Speaking Scores
I'm Jaime Miller. I guide determined foreign-trained professionals to rewire their English fluency, master the unknown rules of the TOEFL iBT test and unlock their confidence so they show up as a champion and land the promotion & career they deserve.

My purpose is to serve as your coach, teacher and project manager as you evolve into the person who has the English that gets the score.

Since 2010, I've helped hundreds of non-native speakers take back control of their career in America by helping them plug back into their power while developing the English to create the life they desire. I show non-native speakers how to make the necessary internal and external changes that allow them to use English faster and more accurately (whether that's with pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary) so they get more points at TOEFL and more opportunities at work.

I hope you'll be able to join me for this very special, never-before-seen training.
Jaime Miller
"I was desperate to find a lifesaving solution. All her study materials are worth your time and effort."

Before I met Jaime I’ve tried a few other TOEFL iBT prep courses. They definitely gave me some understanding of TOEFL and I achieved some progress. However I was stuck at 24 for pretty long time. I was kind of desperate to find a really lifesaving solution for 26, so after long research I realized that Jaime with her experience and special approach to every student is my last chance to finish with TOEFL.

What I liked the most from the first meeting is Jaime’s approach to assess my current level of knowledge as well as my psychological condition and life circumstances. That helped us to determine the number of important steps on my way to success with TOEFL. I highly recommend to follow the roadmap created by Jaime precisely

Highest Speaking score: 26/30

Jaime is the most professional and dedicated English teacher I’ve seen. I’m a physical therapist, and I struggled to get 26+ and 24+ on speaking and writing respectively for 4 years. I took online classes with different tutors and attended different local programs to improve my English, but nothing worked for passing TOEFL with the scores I needed. I was so devastated at some point that I decided to quit and just stopped trying. Last summer I got some time to myself because of the pandemic, and I decided to give it a try with Jaime’s online program. Jaime is an extremely talented and positive person, and she also knows well what accommodations can work the best for different people. She is the one and only teacher who spent her time and money to take the real TOEFL, just to know how it feels! There is no magic in what she does, but it’s a combination of my commitment and hard work along with Jaime’s close feedback on the performance that made the huge difference. It took me around 3 months to get 28 on speaking and 25 on writing! So, if you’re ready to get things done with your TOEFL, do not hesitate and take Jaime’s classes! I’m sure, it’s going to be the best investment!

Olga Borsutsky Avatar Olga Borsutsky
January 7, 2021

I just want to thank you for helping me on my TOEFL. You were a BIG part of my journey! I thought I would never be able to pass with a 26 Speaking Score, but you helped me gain confidence and provided the tools that I needed for this Exam. The Great thing about you that makes you stick out from the rest of the tutors out there is.....That you are passionate in what you do and you are genuinely interested in helping us PASS. I really wish you the best and that in 2021 you have much more people to help get passed Toefl and that will allow them to open that brand new door of so many other opportunities. I am very thankful and grateful of being able to have met you. Just remember because of you we passed you are Very Talented in what you do and I wish you the very Best in ALL you do!! You are Amazing!!!!

Yadira Gallegos Avatar Yadira Gallegos
January 6, 2021

Dear Jaime, I couldn't finish this chapter of my life without thanking for your amazing work. Three years ago I realized that I needed to improve my English in order to able to get a good score on TOEFL. At that point, I didn't know how the test was. I thought that improving my ability to communicate in English would be enough to get the score that I needed which was 100 out of 120. After my first test I realized that it would be a challenge for me. I got only 74. I took it again twice and my score was 80. So, I decided that I needed help. I needed orientation from somebody specialized in TOEFL. So, about two years ago I started your course and after that I had many private lessons with you. I have to say that it was the best investment I could have done in order to get my dream score. In one year studying with you, I tried TOEFL three times. The last time was almost a year ago and I finally reached my goal. I scored 105 out of 120 and my lowest score was 25 out of 30 on speaking and writing. I can't describe the moment that I saw my score! Now I'm ready for the next step. I want to study abroad and the language is not a problem anymore. I have a way to see challenges in my life: they are my chance to become better in some field and I only fail when I give up. I will always try as many times as necessary to achieve my goals. So, as didn't give up to get 100 out of 120 on TOEFL, I got it! I'd like to thank you! If I could I would to hug you as Brazilians do when we are really grateful. Vanessa Pereira

vanessa gonçalves pereira Avatar vanessa gonçalves pereira
January 7, 2021
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