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The "Hidden Numbers" Project 🔍👀
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February 1 through 5, 2023

Discover the only pure source of hidden numbers that I trust enough to calculate your TOEFL iBT speaking score... and the "better than reality" equation to safely estimate your overall score out of 30.

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Who I am. Why I created The "Hidden Numbers" Finder for TOEFL iBT Speaking Scores.
I'm Jaime Miller. I've been teaching TOEFL iBT online, full-time since 2010. In 2022, I created the world's first (and currently only) "fact-checked" training for how to get a TOEFL®️ iBT Speaking score of 26+ that combines educational methodology for second-language acquisition with ETS® SpeechRater™️ feedback on individual Task 1, 2, 3 and 4 responses.
I know from my own personal experience getting feedback on my TOEFL iBT Speaking tasks that it can be a scary and intimidating experience. But... The fact is that you cannot change something that you cannot see.

You do not see these "hidden numbers" when you look at your official TOEFL iBT Score Report from ETS.

In fact, out of all of the online TOEFL iBT Speaking practice tests in the world that you could take... there's only 1 source of "pure" SpeechRater data that I value and trust enough to use with my own students in private lessons. Why? Because I've seen how it fast-tracked results. You'll learn exactly what that source is on Day 1... and then you'll discover how to use it and see your results.

If you're serious about getting your required score on TOEFL iBT Speaking (so you can move forward with your career)...

Then the first step is identifying your "hidden" or missing points.

In this free, 5-part online training, I'll walk you through the process. Even if it seems scary or stressful, we'll do it together.
Jaime Miller
"I was desperate to find a lifesaving solution. All her study materials are worth your time and effort."

Before I met Jaime I’ve tried a few other TOEFL iBT prep courses. They definitely gave me some understanding of TOEFL and I achieved some progress. However I was stuck at 24 for pretty long time. I was kind of desperate to find a really lifesaving solution for 26, so after long research I realized that Jaime with her experience and special approach to every student is my last chance to finish with TOEFL.

What I liked the most from the first meeting is Jaime’s approach to assess my current level of knowledge as well as my psychological condition and life circumstances. That helped us to determine the number of important steps on my way to success with TOEFL. I highly recommend to follow the roadmap created by Jaime precisely

Highest Speaking score: 26/30

In 3 months, Future You will be glad you made this choice.
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