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Free Quiz: "Why is my score stuck?"

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Discover the reasons (other than English) why your TOEFL or IELTS scores are stuck.

Answer a few questions about your personality, habits and beliefs in order to pinpoint and overcome your blocks.

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Who I am. Why I created this Quiz.
I'm Jaime Miller. I've been teaching online, full-time since 2010 and I've created e-courses, Memory Pouches and study protocols to reduce grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation errors by up to 86%.
In 2021, I was picked for "Best Personalized Instruction" for TOEFL iBT by My detailed feedback has helped countless English-learners discover their customized study plan to make their required scores a reality.
I created this Quiz to help you identify factors (other than English) that impact your focus, your progress, and ultimately, your score.

You have tremendous influence over your beliefs, habits and decisions. When you know which ones are helping you—and which ones are blocking you—you have the power to change your life.
Jaime Miller
Meet Students who Got S26
After Fixing Their "Fossilized Errors"
how to fix fossilized errors with grammar vocabulary and pronunciation
I changed my Speaking score from 23-24 to 28

After trying 10+ tutors, I found Jaime's method -- and I changed my TOEFL Speaking score from 23-24 to 28. My American friends were surprised how my English has improved. I am done with TOEFL. I acknowledge that it's all about Jaime Miller's techniques.

Highest Speaking score: 28/30

I could see my errors and understand where and how to improve.

Before Jaime, I tried 3 different TOEFL teachers. I felt so frustrated about it because If he didn’t know, how could I improve? But with Jaime it was different. The Memory Pouches were also really helpful to fix fossilized errors and consequently improve my English.

Highest Speaking Score: 26/30

I was desperate to find a lifesaving solution. All her study materials are worth your time and effort.

Before I met Jaime I’ve tried a few other TOEFL iBT prep courses. They definitely gave me some understanding of TOEFL and I achieved some progress. However I was stuck at 24 for pretty long time. I was kind of desperate to find a really lifesaving solution for 26, so after long research I realized that Jaime with her experience and special approach to every student is my last chance to finish with TOEFL.

What I liked the most from the first meeting is Jaime’s approach to assess my current level of knowledge as well as my psychological condition and life circumstances. That helped us to determine the number of important steps on my way to success with TOEFL. I highly recommend to follow the roadmap created by Jaime precisely

Highest Speaking score: 26/30

In a year, Future You will be glad you started now.
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