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planning your own vacation


using other people’s itineraries

My "If" Sentences

Second Conditional (Timeless)
  • If I was renting a house, I would not have a backyard where I can plant my vegetables and fruit.
  • If I didn’t own a house, I would not have enough room to host friends.
  • If I was renting, I would spend more on rent each month than I do on my mortgage
  • If I we didn’t have plants in our kitchen, I think things would look a lot less homey.
  • If my friend Vince wasn’t obsessed with plants, he would probably have more money.
Third Conditional (based on Specific Past Events)
  • If I had done more research, I would have had a better vacation.
  • If I hadn’t borrowed Maureen’s intinerary, my vacation with my parents would have been as bad as some of my other vacations.
  • If I hadn’t started going to the beach and just relaxing, I never would have found out that I like it so much.

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