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If you ever worried that your accent or pronunciation makes it hard for you to communicate, you may want the audios and videos.
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✅ Access that does not expire. This is not a subscription. You pay once.
✅ Listen to Jaime's original 13 Speaking Responses for Task 1, 2, 3 and 4 while you read the words in your book
✅ Watch video demonstrations for all 14 vowels and all 24 consonants
✅ 60+ "Listen and Repeat" audio files for all 30 words lists
Bonus Video Lectures:
✅ #1 The difference between "Intonation" "Rhythm" and "Pronunciation"
Some tutors wrongly claim: "Accent doesn't matter for S26" ... but my 11 years of experience in this industry prove your accent definitely impacts your TOEFL Speaking score! After you watch these easy video lectures, you'll understand what the Graders are listening for.
✅ #2 Rules for pronouncing the 3 final "s" and the 3 final "ed" sounds.
These may seem like small details but they matter so much in English.
That's why TOEFL Graders do not give S26 to people who mess these up! 🙈 🙉 🙊
✅ #3 Pre-Test Advice Videos: What to do
6 weeks before,
2 weeks before,
the night before
and the day of your TOEFL test.
Pay after May 1: $75
Pay Now: $19

Why the crazy huge sale?

The e-course is “under construction” until May 1. That means that during April, I’m recording and posting more videos and audios every day.
In exchange for your patience and support, you get this “early bird” discount!
You can always decide to buy them  later — but you will not see a $56 discount.
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Remember, this is not a subscription. It is a one-time payment for ongoing access to the e-course for Advanced Speaking Guide, 6th edition.

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