8 Weeks of Private Feedback for Speaking

Meet with me in Zoom every week for 8 weeks. Here’s how it works…

Where we meet:

We will meet in a Zoom Room. While we talk, we will look at your particular Speaking task assignment on Google Docs.

When we meet:

You will choose a 20-minute slot with me (ideally the same every week for ease and consistency).

I am available Monday through Friday, generally from 8:30 AM to 3:30 or 4 PM California (Pacific Standard Time). I am not regularly available on Saturdays or Sundays.

The Agenda:

In order to make sure that we don’t miss any of the areas that TOEFL Graders are paying attention to, you’ll do preparation activities that alert you to strategies, grammar and vocabulary and pronunciation features that earn Speaking 26.

  • Week 1: You get feedback on any type of task. You choose if you want Task 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • Week 2: You get feedback on a Task 1 response.
  • Week 3: You get feedback on a Task 2 response.
  • Week 4: You get feedback on delivery and pronunciation features.
  • Week 5: You get feedback on a Task 3 response.
  • Week 6: You get feedback on a Task 4 response.
  • Week 7: You get feedback on any task. You choose.
  • Week 8: You get feedback on any task. You choose.

Your Preparation:

You will need 10-15 hours per week to study. You will use that time doing particular preparation activities and also implementing my suggestions to improve.

After you pay, you’ll get the complete preparation list from me about how to get ready for each week’s session.

Before each Zoom meeting, you will watch video presentations in Advanced Speaking Guide and Understand How to Get S26. Then, you’ll practice with the concepts and produce ideal, score-maximizing responses. From the many responses that you create each week, you will choose one to show me at our next 20-minute feedback session.

Depending on your efficiency and how prepared you are, it might be possible to review more than one task during that time.

Required Companion Programs:

In order to do the preparation activities, you must have my e-courses for TOEFL Speaking:

Because our time together each week can pass quickly, you also need to finish my introductory feedback program, Understand How to Fix Fossilized Errors.  If you’re making grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation mistakes, you will need to make flashcards and put them in your Memory Pouches.

You can buy these in a bundle and get discounted pricing, or you can purchase them separately.

The Cost for 8 Weeks of Private Feedback for Speaking:


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