Accountability & Advice for Reading and Listening

Let’s begin 8 weeks of accountability and advice with the purpose of improving your TOEFL iBT Reading and/or Listening scores. Our goal is to move you closer to your goal of minimum scores of 23+.


You are ready for this service if you did all of the following…

  • You already watched the videos in Understand How to Get R / L 23+
  • You finished your analysis of your Reading and/or Listening from the Diagnostic Test
  • You started making your flashcards (the way Jaime showed in the videos)
  • You have your 5 envelopes for Spaced Repetition


How it works:

  1. You create a layer on Google Calendar for your TOEFL Studies. We call this your TOEFL Study calendar.
  2. You tell Jaime what your preferred schedule is (which days you can study to equal 10-15 hours per week).
  3. Jaime fills up your TOEFL Study calendar with appropriate activities considering your level.  She reviews a handful of your activities each week, and she updates your calendar activities, as needed. Based on your scores, she’ll make new recommendations about where you need to focus in order to continue seeing an improvement.
  4. When you have questions, you email Jaime. If you aren’t comfortable with the email answers, and if you still need even more support, you can schedule private lessons at a discounted rate (Click here to see current pricing).


Your 8 weeks begins when you pay! You must coordinate with Audrey and Jaime to guarantee that your ideal schedule is compatible with Jaime’s current ability to support you for the next 8 weeks.

By paying, you agree to find 10-15 hours per week to study. If something changes in your life and you’re unable to continue studying that much, it’s your responsibility to reach out to Jaime and pause your 8 weeks as soon as possible.