Bundle 4: The Basic Starter Pack for Group Writing Classes


Understand How to Get W24+

"On-demand" video class recordings give you the ability to learn from Jaime Miller when you have time to study. This package includes video recordings of concepts and topics that she used to teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as part of program called "The 12 Topics" from the now-closed English Success Academy.


  • You must already have the 24+ Writing Tutorial. It's ok if you did not finish studying it.
  • You will learn and understand the most from Jaime if your TOEFL Reading and Listening scores are both at least 23+ in each section.


What's Included?

When you register for "Understand How to Get W24+" you will get...

  1. An account on this website where you can log in and watch the video class recordings.
  2. Access to over 12 hours of class recordings, all of which are taught and led by Jaime Miller.
  3. Recommended homework sequences for further study that you can finish at your pace.


How is learning from Jaime Miller different from other online tutors and schools?

  • The Tutor. Every class is taught by Jaime Miller, a tutor with 14 years of experience. She is one of the few native speakers who has taken the exam. Her TOEFL score report is below. She has been guiding foreign-trained pharmacists, nurses and physical therapists out of the TOEFL nightmare since 2010.
  • The Focus. We know you need a minimum of 24 on Writing. Because of that, every piece of advice in these classes focuses on how to develop advanced, score-maximizing essays for Integrated and Independent tasks. In order to make sure that we don’t overlook any possible areas where your score might be limited, we systematically approach all of the following:
    • Topic Development (strategies and flexible organizational templates)
    • Language Use (grammar and vocabulary)
    • Visual Aesthetics (the way your essay looks)

    By having such a systematic, detail-oriented approach, we ensure that your written English is excellent not only at TOEFL iBT, but in your own career.

  • The organization. All of the new material fits together in a logical way with what you've already learned from Jaime Miller. You won't waste time searching YouTube, dealing with advertisements, and wondering if this random tutor's advice fits with all the other strategies that you're already using.
  • The schedule. You can start watching the video classes right away, and continue at your own pace and convenience.


Results from Real Students

These results happened quickly because both of these students already had advanced Reading and Listening scores (typically at least 23 in both TOEFL Reading and Listening) BEFORE they began studying the material in these video classes. In addition to watching the video classes, the students also used Memory Pouches to fix fossilized mistakes and paid for extra feedback on essays.


The Cost to Get Started Today


The 24+ Writing Tutorial

Write essays that TOEFL iBT Graders
will give scores of 24+.

Have confidence — even when you don’t know what to write.


How does this program improve your English for TOEFL iBT?
  • You will understand the 5 “myths” that most students (and even some English teachers!) believe about the integrated and independent essays.
  • You can analyze 9 models essays from students who got TOEFL iBT writing scores of 27 and 29. This allows you to see what kinds of mistakes are acceptable for different levels of scores.
  • You can easily identify which types of activities you need to complete with our unique table of contents. You will stay focused by using the “Fail-Proof Daily Writing Study Plan” on page 1 of the workbook.



What’s the best way to study with this?
  1. Create a regular study routine.
  2. Log into Jaime Miller’s special website and navigate to CLASSES.
  3. Follow the “Fail-Proof Daily Study Plan” in the downloadable workbook. Watch videos or review activities from the workbook. Write TOEFL-style essays every day for 4-6 weeks.



Program Details:

You will have lifetime access to Jaime's website, where you can access…

  • 8 videos that teach concepts
  • the downloadable 61-page PDF workbook, including 9 models essays from people who got scores of 27+



Success Stories

We recommend you spend 45 to 90 minutes a day for 2-3 months to develop the kind of automatic writing habits that you need in order to perform well under stressful exam conditions.


The Cost to Get Started Today:

Live Group Classes with Jaime Miller

Live Zoom Classes for Advanced Scores

Meet with Jaime Miller and ambitious students
live, every week to discuss score-maximizing TOEFL iBT Speaking or Writing responses.

The recommended deadline to register is Monday October 11 (so you have time to prepare).

Who is this for?

If your career is waiting until you get advanced scores on TOEFL iBT (especially W24+ or S26+), and if you need to study more productively on a weekly basis, then you're invited to register for live classes with Jaime Miller. Below, you will see a schedule for Writing classes, and then another schedule for Speaking classes.

Students in class tend to be foreign-trained pharmacists, physical therapists or nurses. A smaller number of students are applying for competitive educational programs (example: LLM, PhD, or Masters degrees).

How is this different?

This isn't like a class you might have taken for TOEFL iBT at your local library... and this definitely is not like studying for TOEFL with a family friend. The majority of Jaime's students are pharmacists, physical therapists, nurses and ambitious applicants for competitive university programs (like LLM's, MBA's or PhD's).

All sessions are guided by Jaime Miller, who has focused on how to escape TOEFL-hell since 2010. She's an American. She's taken the TOEFL iBT. She's watched countless people succeed whose scores seemed hopeless. Also, she was named "Best Personalized Instruction" by Intelligent Magazine in their 2021 article for Best TOEFL Prep Classes.

If you succeeded in university because you had a structured plan, then you need to get out of the chaos of YouTube with all its conflicting advice -- and start following a structured approach to getting your TOEFL iBT scores.


What is the prerequisite / course material?

In university, you had to buy certain textbooks for various classes. If you didn't read the chapters assigned by your professor, you could not knowledgably participate in class discussions or submit certain assignments.

This is similar, but in this case, the textbooks are e-courses. If you need an improvement in all 4 sections of TOEFL, then you should buy access to all 4 of the "Understand How to..." e-courses in Step 2. However, if you only need to improve your Speaking, you can skip the Reading/Listening and Writing material.

The preparation material are my e-courses:  Understand How to Get S26 and W24.


When and Where?

To make sure you get opportunities for feedback, you and up to 10 other students will meet live in a Zoom room with Jaime Miller.

The benefit of meeting once per week is that you can organize your schedule to prepare, practice and fully benefit between sessions. As a result, you can be prepared with your questions and activities to show and get feedback on.

You need 10-15 hours per week to attend classes and do the preparation activities.


Class Option #1:  6 Classes for Advanced TOEFL iBT Writing Scores

We will meet for 90 minutes. Class is from 3 PM Pacific Standard (west coast) time until 4:30 PM Pacific Standard (west coast) time. Please convert that to your time zone, if needed.

  • Monday October 18 - An Orientation to Advanced Writing Scores
  • Monday October 25 - Writing Advanced Integrated Essays, Part 1
  • Monday November 1 - Writing Advanced Independent Essays, Part 1
  • Monday November 8 - Writing Advanced Integrated Essays, Part 2
  • Monday November 15 - Writing Advanced Independent Essays, Part 2
  • Monday November 22 - Developing Automaticity, or How to Write Advanced Essays "Automatically"

You can only participate in classes or get feedback if you do the assigned preparation activities from these e-courses:

Class Option #2:  8 Classes for Advanced TOEFL iBT Speaking Scores

We will meet for 90 minutes. Class is from 3 PM Pacific Standard (west coast) time until 4:30 PM Pacific Standard (west coast) time. Please convert that to your time zone, if needed.

  • Wednesday October 20 - An Orientation to Advanced Speaking Scores
  • Wednesday October 27 - How to Construct High-Scoring Responses for Task 1
  • Wednesday November 3 - How to Construct High-Scoring Responses for Task 2
  • Wednesday November 10 - Q&A about "Delivery" for TOEFL iBT Speaking: Pronunciation, Accent and Intonation
  • Wednesday November 17  - How to Construct High-Scoring Responses for Task 3
  • Wednesday November 24 - How to Construct High-Scoring Responses for Task 4
  • Wednesday December 1 - Developing Automatic Reactions at TOEFL iBT (How to Fix Fossilized Errors, Part 1)
  • Wednesday December 8 - Developing Automatic Reactions at TOEFL iBT (How to Fix Fossilized Errors, Part 2)

You can only participate in classes or get feedback if you do the assigned preparation activities from these e-courses:


Does your schedule conflict?

The recordings of each class will be available to watch online for 1 week.

However, if you do not attend, you'll miss opportunities to participate. In order to receive feedback on your assignments, you must attend classes. As a rule, Jaime does not give feedback on activities outside of class, so if you cannot attend, you will not be able to submit your activity via email  and get feedback.


Feedback From Real, Past Students:


If one of your main goals is to finish with TOEFL as soon as possible, you need to prioritize attending these Monday classes.

Talk to your boss. Talk to your family. Figure out what needs to change so that you can attend live.


What schedule leads to the biggest improvement?

About 6 days before each class, you'll get a reminder email that explains how to prepare. You should finish watching the associated lectures (which will take about 5 hours) within a couple of days. That way, you can spend 3-4 hours on the 2-3 days before a class practicing and preparing your assignment to show in class and get feedback on.

On the day of the class, at the right time, you'll log into the Zoom room. During our live class time, you'll be able to use your microphone and webcam to communicate with Jaime and other students.

Note:  You need to join Zoom via a computer. During classes, Jaime will often share her screen so that everyone can look at an assignment for TOEFL iBT Speaking or Writing.  You want to attend class through a computer with a large screen because you will struggle to see if you're looking at a phone or tablet screen.


The Benefits of Attending Live Time with Jaime Miller:

  • You will be motivated to re-watch and keep absorbing the valuable information in the video recordings... at whatever schedule is the most convenient for you (whether that's all in one day, or broken up over a whole week)
  • Each class, we'll focus directly on feedback, and waste no time getting to the important stuff.
  • You will have multiple chances to share your activities for TOEFL with me in the group, and get my feedback and suggestions about how to keep improving.


The Cost to Reserve Your Seat:

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