Bundle 3: The Complete Starter Pack for Speaking 26

This bundle includes everything below…


Advanced Speaking Guide, v 2

Understand what TOEFL graders want
(on the “new” Speaking test).

Study 12 examples of score-maximizing TOEFL Speaking responses.


How does this program improve your English for TOEFL iBT?
  • This e-course has been massively updated to prepare you for the “new” version of the TOEFL iBT Speaking test, released August, 2019. Lessons focus on the 4 tasks, with the new numbering system.
  • The e-course focuses your study energy on the 3 areas of scoring criteria that TOEFL iBT graders are paying attention to: Topic Development, Language Use and Delivery (accent).
  • You will have the chance to observe high-scoring model responses for all 4 tasks by listening to Jaime Miller’s original audio files and reading the transcripts of what she said.



This program helps students...

… who are motivated and want to save money by studying on their own.

… who want to understand the logic of TOEFL iBT graders and why they give scores of 23-24 or 26+.

… who have already taken TOEFL iBT at least one time before.



What’s the best way to study with this?
  1. Create a regular study routine.
  2. Log into Jaime's special study website.
  3. Print the workbook. Watch the videos. Finish the activities.

Note: Most students who score 23-24 on TOEFL Speaking make 100+ mistakes inside the Speaking test. You'll discover your specific mistakes if you also invest in How to Fix Fossilized Errors. Don't be discouraged (or surprised) if you end up needing to invest in extra services (like private lessons) in order to get your Speaking 26. 


Program Details:
  • Lifetime access to Jaime's study website, where you can access…
    • the downloadable 100-page PDF workbook that has been updated to cover the changes to the TOEFL test introduced in August, 2019
    • videos that teach concepts and suggestions to improve your accent
    • dozens of audio files
    • practice activities for each type of speaking task

We recommend you spend 45 to 90 minutes a day for 2-3 months to develop the kind of automatic speaking habits that you need in order to perform well under stressful exam conditions.



The Cost to Get Started Today:

Understand How to Get S26

"On-demand" video class recordings give you the ability to learn from Jaime Miller when you have time to study. This package includes the same high-quality material that she teaches in her live classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM (California time).


  • You must already have the Advanced Speaking Guide (version 2). It's ok if you did not finish studying it.
  • You will learn and understand the most from Jaime if your TOEFL Reading and Listening scores are both at least 23+ in each section.


What's Included?

When you register for "Understand How to Get S26+" you will get...

  1. An account on this website where you can log in and watch the video class recordings.
  2. Access to over 24 hours of class recordings, all of which are taught and led by Jaime Miller.
  3. Recommended homework sequences for further study that you can finish at your pace.


How is learning from Jaime Miller different from other online tutors and schools?

  • The Tutor. Every class is taught by Jaime Miller, a tutor with 14 years of experience. She is one of the few native speakers who has taken the exam. Her TOEFL score report is below. She has been guiding foreign-trained pharmacists, nurses and physical therapists out of the TOEFL nightmare since 2010.
  • The Focus. We know you need a minimum of 26 on Speaking. Because of that, every piece of advice in these classes focuses on how to develop advanced, score-maximizing responses for Tasks 1, 2, 3 and 4. In order to make sure that we don’t overlook any possible areas where your score might be limited, we systematically approach all of the following:
    • Topic Development (strategies and flexible organizational templates)
    • Language Use (grammar and vocabulary)
    • Delivery (speed/fluency, accent, including pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, and stress)

    By having such a systematic, detail-oriented approach, we ensure that your spoken English is excellent not only at TOEFL iBT, but in your own career.

  • The organization. All of the new material fits together in a logical way with what you've already learned from Jaime Miller. You won't waste time searching YouTube, dealing with advertisements, and wondering if this random tutor's advice fits with all the other strategies that you're already using.
  • The schedule. You can start watching the video classes right away, and continue at your own pace and convenience.


A True Success Story from a Student who Scored 29 on TOEFL Speaking

"My name is Kseniya L., I’m almost 40 years old. In order to practice pharmacy in the USA, I needed speaking score of 26+ on the TOEFL test.

"At the beginning I haven’t even realised how serious my struggle to earn my target scores would be.  I simply borrowed some TOEFL preparation textbook from a public library, tried to practice speaking section by myself and understood that the tasks were not accomplishable without extra help. At first, I got enrolled at some local English language school which was total waste of time and money since my level of spoken word was the best in class of young immigrants. On top of that, I never really got any serious feedback about my performance. When I registered for my first attempt at TOEFL, of course, my speaking score was 20. I began to realise that the measures needed to earn my target scores would be much more significant and drastic. I started my search for reliable experienced tutor who would make my success possible. This is how I came across Jaime Miller's site.

"When I first met J. Miller on the Zoom meeting I immediately liked her: nice, polite, organised, experienced, asking the correct type of questions. To start, I enrolled in these classes which was tremendous boost on my learning process.

"Later, I decided to join private tutoring with Jaime. She was flexible, responsible, highly professional at her coaching, I received her undivided attention. I was provided with materials needed to study and clear instructions about homework. During our sessions I constantly heard honest feedback on my vocabulary, language use and delivery, and my accent. It turned out that my biggest challenge was self confidence. But where would I be able to become confident if I never had a chance to work in the English speaking environment?!

"Yes, I did some solid work. Yes, it was not cheap. But the final results are so worth it (speaking 29). I feel that without Jaime Miller's assistance I would have ended in some TOEFL hell wasting months if not years of my life. Thank you, Jaime Miller with all my heart!

The Cost to Get Started Today


Live Group Classes with Jaime Miller (12 wks)

Do you lose focus when you study TOEFL by yourself?

Meet with Jaime Miller and ambitious students
live, in Zoom every Monday for 12 weeks.


Who is this for?

If your career is waiting until you get advanced scores on TOEFL iBT (especially W24+ or S26+), and if you need to study more productively on a weekly basis, then you're invited to register for the 12 Live Times with Jaime.

How is this different?

This isn't like a class you might have taken for TOEFL iBT at your local library... and this definitely is not like studying for TOEFL with a family friend. The majority of Jaime's students are pharmacists, physical therapists, nurses and ambitious applicants for competitive university programs (like LLM's, MBA's or PhD's).

All sessions are guided by Jaime Miller, who has focused on how to escape TOEFL-hell since 2010. She's an American. She's taken the TOEFL iBT. She's watched countless people succeed whose scores seemed hopeless.

If you succeeded in university because you had a structured plan, then you can follow Jaime's curriculum and get all your TOEFL scores.

What is the prerequisite / course material?

In university, you had to buy certain textbooks for various classes. If you didn't read the chapters assigned by your professor, you could not knowledgably participate in class discussions or submit certain assignments.

This is similar, but in this case, the textbooks are e-courses. If you need an improvement in all 4 sections of TOEFL, then you should buy access to all 4 of the "Understand How to..." e-courses in Step 2. However, if you only need to improve your Speaking, you can skip the Reading/Listening and Writing material.

Click here to buy any e-courses that you don't yet have.

When and Where?

To make sure you get opportunities for feedback, you and up to 14 other students will meet live in a Zoom room with Jaime Miller on Mondays, starting July 19, 2021.

The benefit of meeting once per week is that you can organize your schedule to prepare, practice and fully benefit between sessions. As a result, you can be prepared with your questions and activities to show and get feedback on.

We will meet for 90 minutes. Class is from 3 PM Pacific Standard (west coast) time until 4:30 PM Pacific Standard (west coast) time. Please convert that to your time zone, if needed.

  • Monday July 19 - Reading and Listening
  • Monday July 26 - Writing Overview
  • Monday August 2 - Writing High-Scoring Integrated Essays
  • Monday August 9 - Writing High-Scoring Independent Essays
  • Monday August 16 - (How to Fix Fossilized Errors, Part 1) Training Accurate Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Monday August 23 - Speaking Overview
  • Monday August 30 - Speaking High-Scoring Task 1 Responses
  • Monday September 6 - Speaking High-Scoring Task 2 Responses
  • Monday September 13 - Pronunciation, Accent and Intonation for TOEFL iBT
  • Monday September 20  - Speaking High-Scoring Task 3 Responses
  • Monday September 27 - Speaking High-Scoring Task 4 Responses
  • Monday October 11 - Developing Automatic Reactions at TOEFL iBT (How to Fix Fossilized Errors, Part 1)

Does your schedule conflict?

The recordings of each Monday's session will be available to watch online for 1 week. However, if you're not there, you'll miss opportunities to participate and get feedback. Even though Jaime can try to answer questions that you email in, she cannot take responsibility for your learning or guarantee that she'll be able to remember to include everything you wanted to know about.

If one of your main goals is to finish with TOEFL as soon as possible, you need to prioritize attending these Monday classes.

Talk to your boss. Talk to your family. Figure out what needs to change so that you can attend live.

What should your schedule look like so that you get the most benefit?

6 days before each class (on Wednesdays), you'll get a reminder email that explains how to prepare. You should finish watching the associated lectures (which will take about 5 hours) by Friday. That way, you can spend 3-4 hours on Saturday, Sunday and Monday practicing the upcoming topic.

On Monday evening and/or Tuesday morning, you should to gather your practice assignments and organize your questions. Make sure the documents are organized on your computer.

Instead of using our live time to re-teach information that you can watch any time in video recordings for Understand How to Get R/L 23+ or W24+ or S26+ or Fix Fossilized Errors, all of our live time together will be "Q & A" (Question & Answer) and Feedback.

On Tuesday, at the right time, you'll use a computer to log in.

During our live time, you'll be able to use your microphone and webcam to communicate with Jaime and other students.

Note: Zoom only allows you to share your screen from a regular computer. You can't do it from a cell phone or tablet. If your plan is to participate, show your assignments and get feedback from Jaime, you must attend from an actual computer. No cell phones or tablets!!!

The Benefits of Attending Live Time with Jaime Miller:

  • You will be motivated to re-watch and keep absorbing the valuable information in the video recordings... at whatever schedule is the most convenient for you (whether that's all in one day, or broken up over a whole week)
  • Each Monday , we'll focus directly on feedback, and waste no time getting to the good stuff.
  • You will have multiple chances to share your activities for TOEFL with me in the group, and get my feedback and suggestions about how to keep improving.


The Cost to Reserve Your Seat:

Out of stock

Understand How to Fix Fossilized Errors

See your mistakes on TOEFL Speaking & Writing.

Get your customized study plan to improve.

When people finish a full set of responses and essays for TOEFL iBT Speaking and Writing, they often make about 100 mistakes with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Yes, that is even when they get scores like S23-25 and W22-23.

There is a limit to how much you can improve your score for TOEFL Speaking or Writing simply by creating essays and recording your voice.

In order to achieve the advanced scores of S26 and W24, you must have advanced English. This means your grammar, vocabulary and accent need to be largely error-free and fluent.

(Sometimes people are more accurate when they slow down and think a lot... but that also limits their score.  Speaking 26 is basically guaranteed when you speak at a natural speed and when you have accurate grammar, vocabulary and accent features. Sorry. It's hard. You can't choose between accuracy or speed. You need both.)

You may recognize that you're making mistakes while you speak or write... but can you stop yourself from making those mistakes in the first place?

If you don't have an answer, you're not alone. Fortunately, we can do something about all your mistakes.

When Jaime Miller's students follow The ESA Method (which you can learn by buying this program), it's normal to see accuracy improve by 80-85%.

We're proud of those unusually high statistics.


  • There are no pre-requisites needed to join this program.


What's Included?

When you register for "Understand How to Fix Fossilized Errors" you will get...

  1. An account on this website where you can log in and watch the video class recordings.
  2. Access to over 6 hours of class recordings, all of which are taught and led by Jaime Miller.
  3. Memory Pouches and the study protocols that retrain fossilized mistakes--mailed to you on the next business day.
  4. Feedback from Jaime Miller on your 4 Speaking Tasks and 2 Writing essays for TOEFL iBT.
  5. At least 20 customized flashcards with your most frequent mistakes in grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary which are limiting your TOEFL iBT Speaking and/or Writing score.

How is Jaime Miller's feedback different from that of other tutors?

Watch the video below for more details:

How is using Memory Pouches with customized flashcards different from other tutors and schools' assignments?

Basically, the difference is our focus on Habit-Development. Any good tutor can explain to you why a mistake is wrong. Sometimes they might teach you something new... but how many times has a teacher told you something that you already know?

For example:  "He think_" needs a final /s/ sound. (By the way, this is one of the most common mistakes in TOEFL Speaking Task 2, 3 and 4 and if you need a 26 on Speaking, you must begin consistently pronouncing that final "s" sound.

But how? If all you needed was a tutor to tell you to fix the mistake, you would know it by now, right?

The problem you have is that no one ever taught you a focused study protocol that retrains your accuracy so that you stop making mistakes in the first place.

Jaime Miller's Memory Pouches are so effective because I've already done the work of creating the most effective study protocol you could find. That means you don't have to experiment or invent one for yourself. Just open the pouch, watch the tutorials, and feel the immediate impact of fixing the errors that lead to a low score.

A True Story from a Student Who Scores 24 in Writing

Hi guys, my name is Shimaa. I want to talk to you today about using Memory Pouches and how that helped me to get 24+ in Writing. I remember before I started with Jaime, I watched a video in YouTube. In that video, Jaime was talking about how to fix fossilized mistakes. Since then, I knew Jaime could help me fix my score in Writing. So I decided to with her. After she taught me how to use the Memory Pouches in July 2020, (pretty much) immediately after reviewing these flashcards with the specific way that Jaime taught me, I got the (Writing) score (for the first time) in a month and a half.  It's really important and useful. Not only I learned how to fix my mistakes in Writing, but also, that helps me improve my score in Speaking. I reduced my grammar mistakes.

A True Story from a Student who is Working Towards Speaking 26

"I wanted to share with you one of my big celebrations this week. Wednesday, I had to call my health insurance and argue with them about coverage for my daughter. Usually, calling them used to be a nightmare because they didn't understand my English and I felt frustrated every time. But Wednesday, they totally understood me. It was so fluid and easy. Also, I was not frustrated because I could express myself pretty easily.

"I don’t have enough words to say thank you. It’s the result of your method (the classes + Memory Pouches). I’m so glad that I registered in your lessons a few months ago! I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done since I moved in the USA. You changed my life here for real! Right now, I can communicate with people and I don’t feel frustrated anymore. I know I already told you that but I’m so thankful for what you did and continue to do in my life. Thank you so much Jaime. Thank you so much for the fact that you put so much time and energy to create this method to help foreign people like me."

The Cost to Start Now (And Expect to Get Feedback January 2021):


The Deck for Speaking Task 1 responses

"How do I know if The Deck will help me?"

By using The Deck regularly, you will develop your fluency and confidence speaking spontaneously for the TOEFL iBT Speaking Task 1... and you'll save money by not taking private lessons.

The Deck will help you if ...

  • You already watched my presentations for how to maximize your score in Task 1 responses (inside the e-course, Understand How to Get S26).
  • You keep telling yourself, "I need more practice" but when you try to practice, you feel frustrated.
  • The 15 seconds of preparation feel way too short. You don't feel ready to speak.
  • You are very slow when you create transcripts / responses. You constantly doubt if you have "the right" idea for your Task 1.  You think slowly. The ideas are slow to come -- or the ideas don't come and it seems like your mind just goes blank.
  • You're tired of sitting in front of a computer and staring at an app to practice TOEFL iBT Speaking.

"What's The Deck?"

I developed "the deck" in direct response to a common problem that I was seeing with my students in their private lessons with me. They understood all the techniques that they were supposed to use... but when it came time to speak, they had every problem on the list above (or some combination of them).

The Deck is based on score-maximizing activities that my students have done for years. Now, instead of creating the tool for yourself, you can get it mailed to your door.

"How do I use it?"

Included with your purchase are training videos and demonstrations. After a few weeks of using the deck, you can also add on private lesson(s) with me to confirm if you're improving.

"What's included?"

  • a deck has:  7 activity cards;   4 reminder cards for high-scoring sentences (including reminders for correct grammar);   100+ prompts with a mix of easy, medium and tricky topics -- including some that will help you impress a future boss at your next job interview
  • demonstration videos

"What's not included?"
The Deck gives you lots of practice -- but there's no theory in here, and there's no discussion about WHY. If you're the kind of person who needs to understand WHY I'm recommending a certain approach to Task 1 responses, then you should invest in my e-course, Understand How to Get S26+. You can add it to your cart and pay for it at the same time.

"What kind of results do people get from using it?"

My recent video interviews from January 2021 featured 2 ladies who used a very ugly version of The Deck to contribute to excellent Task 1 responses. Click here for Olga's video interview. Click here for MJ's video interview.

Just a few weeks ago, I gave the prototype version of The Deck to students who said they were ready to focus 100% on TOEFL Speaking and who had already watched my video presentations in Understand How to Get S26 and analyzed my model responses for Task 1 in Advanced Speaking Guide.

One student said that her confidence increased from 3 out of 10 to 6 out of 10 (or 8 out of 10, depending on the day) just by self-studying with it regularly. Another student shocked me with a massive increase in her fluency. These women -- who had been frozen solid, virtually unable to speak -- were finally melting into a flowing river of English words. It is so beautiful.  😭😍Even better, they did it without paying a tutor for private lessons and without sitting in front of a computer screen.


"When will it arrive at my house?"

Probably by the fourth week of August or the first week of September. The Deck is currently being produced and manufactured. I hope it is ready to ship by mid-August (and hopefully there will be no delays with manufacturing). It takes 3-5 days for shipping in the US, and longer if you are outside of America.


The Cost

Shipping to the US is included free.

International shipping will be extra, so text me via What's App +1  (916) 620-1116 so we can figure that out for you.  


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