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Studying for TOEFL iBT is confusing!

If you need fast results, then you can’t afford to skip steps, try to use “short-cuts” or ask people who don’t have experience solving your problem with TOEFL iBT.

When you only need to improve in one section (like from a current score of Speaking 25 to that last point for Speaking 26), you will get the fastest results if you follow a comprehensive plan.

When you need to improve your scores in all 4 sections, then you need a different plan.

By finishing this free consultation, you will achieve the following:
  1. Get Jaime Miller’s eyes on your biographical details and “Score History” for TOEFL iBT (including all your past TOEFL test results). Also, if you have an upcoming test scheduled, she’ll give you her opinion about when you may want to reschedule it for, which can save you money
  2. Identify any accent or pronunciation issues that you would have to deal with in order to score 26 on Speaking (which can either add or remove 10 months to your study schedule, so it’s really important to know as soon as possible)
  3. Discover which combination of Jaime’s programs is best for you and which you should do first, then second, third, etc
  4. Get a special discount coupon for the bundled combination of services you need.


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