Live Group Time with Jaime Miller (12 wks)

Are you bored studying TOEFL alone?

Meet with Jaime Miller and ambitious students
live, in Zoom every Tuesday for 12 weeks.


Who is this for?

If your career is waiting until you get advanced scores on TOEFL iBT (especially W24+ or S26+), and if you need to study more productively on a weekly basis, then you’re invited to register for the 12 Live Times with Jaime.

How is this different?

This isn’t like a class you might have taken for TOEFL iBT at your local library… and this definitely is not like studying for TOEFL with a family friend. The majority of Jaime’s students are pharmacists, physical therapists, nurses and ambitious applicants for competitive university programs (like LLM’s, MBA’s or PhD’s).

All sessions are guided by Jaime Miller, who has focused on how to escape TOEFL-hell since 2010. She’s an American. She’s taken the TOEFL iBT. She’s watched countless people succeed whose scores seemed hopeless.

If you succeeded in university because you had a structured plan, then you can follow Jaime’s curriculum and get all your TOEFL scores.

What is the prerequisite / course material?

In university, you had to buy certain textbooks for various classes. If you didn’t read the chapters assigned by your professor, you could not knowledgably participate in class discussions or submit certain assignments.

This is similar, but in this case, the textbooks are e-courses. If you need an improvement in all 4 sections of TOEFL, then you should buy access to all 4 of the “Understand How to…” e-courses in Step 2. However, if you only need to improve your Speaking, you can skip the Reading/Listening and Writing material.

Click here to buy any e-courses that you don’t yet have.

When and Where?

You and up to 20 other students will meet live in a Zoom room with Jaime Miller on Tuesdays, starting April 6, 2021.

The benefit of meeting once per week is that you can organize your schedule to prepare, practice and fully benefit between sessions. As a result, you can be prepared with your questions and activities to show and get feedback on.

We will meet for 90 minutes from 9 AM Pacific Standard (west coast) time until 10:30 AM Pacific Standard (west coast) time. Please convert that to your time zone, if needed.

  • Tuesday April 6 – Reading and Listening
  • Tuesday April 13 – Writing Overview
  • Tuesday April 20 – Writing High-Scoring Integrated Essays
  • Tuesday April 27 – Writing High-Scoring Independent Essays
  • Tuesday May 4 – (How to Fix Fossilized Errors, Part 1) Training Accurate Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Tuesday May 11 – Speaking Overview
  • Tuesday May 18 – Speaking High-Scoring Task 1 Responses
  • Tuesday May 25 – Speaking High-Scoring Task 2 Responses
  • Tuesday June 1 – Pronunciation, Accent and Intonation for TOEFL iBT
  • Tuesday June 8 – Speaking High-Scoring Task 3 Responses
  • Tuesday June 15 – Speaking High-Scoring Task 4 Responses
  • Tuesday June 22 – Developing Automatic Reactions at TOEFL iBT (How to Fix Fossilized Errors, Part 1)

Does your schedule conflict?

The recordings of each Tuesday’s session will be available to watch online for 1 week. However, if you’re not there, you’ll miss opportunities to participate and get feedback. Even though Jaime can try to answer questions that you email in, she cannot take responsibility for your learning or guarantee that she’ll be able to remember to include everything you wanted to know about.

If one of your main goals for 2021 is to finish with TOEFL, you need to prioritize attending these Tuesday classes.

Talk to your boss. Talk to your family. Figure out what needs to change so that you can attend live.

What should your schedule look like so that you get the most benefit?

6 days before each class (on Wednesdays), you’ll get a reminder email that explains how to prepare. You should finish watching the associated lectures (which will take about 5 hours) by Friday. That way, you can spend 3-4 hours on Saturday, Sunday and Monday practicing the upcoming topic.

On Monday evening and/or Tuesday morning, you should to gather your practice assignments and organize your questions. Make sure the documents are organized on your computer.

Instead of using our live time to re-teach information that you can watch any time in video recordings for Understand How to Get R/L 23+ or W24+ or S26+ or Fix Fossilized Errors, all of our live time together will be “Q & A” (Question & Answer) and Feedback.

On Tuesday, at the right time, you’ll use a computer to log in.

During our live time, you’ll be able to use your microphone and webcam to communicate with Jaime and other students.

Note: Zoom only allows you to share your screen from a regular computer. You can’t do it from a cell phone or tablet. If your plan is to participate, show your assignments and get feedback from Jaime, you must attend from an actual computer. No cell phones or tablets!!!

There are many benefits of attending Live Time with Jaime Miller, including:
  • You will be motivated to re-watch and keep absorbing the valuable information in the video recordings… at whatever schedule is the most convenient for you (whether that’s all in one day, or broken up over a whole week)
  • Each Tuesday, we’ll focus directly on feedback,¬†and waste no time getting to the good stuff.
  • You will have multiple chances to share your activities for TOEFL with me in the group, and get my feedback and suggestions about how to keep improving.


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