The Deck for Speaking Task 1 responses

“How do I know if The Deck will help me?”

By using The Deck regularly, you will develop your fluency and confidence speaking spontaneously for the TOEFL iBT Speaking Task 1… and you’ll save money by not taking private lessons.

The Deck will help you if …

  • You already watched my presentations for how to maximize your score in Task 1 responses (inside the e-course, Understand How to Get S26).
  • You keep telling yourself, “I need more practice” but when you try to practice, you feel frustrated.
  • The 15 seconds of preparation feel way too short. You don’t feel ready to speak.
  • You are very slow when you create transcripts / responses. You constantly doubt if you have “the right” idea for your Task 1.  You think slowly. The ideas are slow to come — or the ideas don’t come and it seems like your mind just goes blank.
  • You’re tired of sitting in front of a computer and staring at an app to practice TOEFL iBT Speaking.

“What’s The Deck?”

I developed “the deck” in direct response to a common problem that I was seeing with my students in their private lessons with me. They understood all the techniques that they were supposed to use… but when it came time to speak, they had every problem on the list above (or some combination of them).

The Deck is based on score-maximizing activities that my students have done for years. Now, instead of creating the tool for yourself, you can get it mailed to your door.

“How do I use it?”

Included with your purchase are training videos and demonstrations. After a few weeks of using the deck, you can also add on private lesson(s) with me to confirm if you’re improving.

“What’s included?”

  • a deck has:  7 activity cards;   4 reminder cards for high-scoring sentences (including reminders for correct grammar);   100+ prompts with a mix of easy, medium and tricky topics — including some that will help you impress a future boss at your next job interview
  • demonstration videos
  • your access to my private group on Facebook where…
    • I share at least 1 new Model Response every week.
    • You can find a “Speaking Partner”
    • We’re talking about issues that come up with answering Task 1 question

“What’s not included?”
The Deck gives you lots of practice — but there’s no theory in here, and there’s no discussion about WHY. If you’re the kind of person who needs to understand WHY I’m recommending a certain approach to Task 1 responses, then you should invest in my e-course, Understand How to Get S26+. You can add it to your cart and pay for it at the same time.

“What kind of results do people get from using it?”

My recent video interviews from January 2021 featured 2 ladies who used a very ugly version of The Deck to contribute to excellent Task 1 responses. Click here for Olga’s video interview. Click here for MJ’s video interview.

Just a few weeks ago, I gave the prototype version of The Deck to students who said they were ready to focus 100% on TOEFL Speaking and who had already watched my video presentations in Understand How to Get S26 and analyzed my model responses for Task 1 in Advanced Speaking Guide.

One student said that her confidence increased from 3 out of 10 to 6 out of 10 (or 8 out of 10, depending on the day) just by self-studying with it regularly. Another student shocked me with a massive increase in her fluency. These women — who had been frozen solid, virtually unable to speak — were finally melting into a flowing river of English words. It is so beautiful.  😭😍Even better, they did it without paying a tutor for private lessons and without sitting in front of a computer screen.


“When will it arrive at my house?”

Probably by the fourth week of August or the first week of September. The Deck is currently being produced and manufactured. I hope it is ready to ship by mid-August (and hopefully there will be no delays with manufacturing). It takes 3-5 days for shipping in the US, and longer if you are outside of America.


The Cost

Shipping to the US is included free.

International shipping will be extra, so text me via What’s App +1  (916) 620-1116 so we can figure that out for you.  


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