Understand How to Fix Fossilized Errors with English Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation

With this you get…

✅ a Diagnostic Test with 4 TOEFL iBT Speaking tasks / 2 TOEFL iBT Writing tasks

✅ Jaime’s feedback on those, with details about your strengths and where to focus to see results

✅ a customized list of which are your “fossilized” errors to add to your Memory Pouches

✅ 1 set of 3 Memory Pouches (with free shipping to an address in the US)

✅ Training videos for how to use Memory Pouches

✅ Email support with Jaime. You will submit your questions via email    ❌ No Zoom classes / meetings


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  1. One person found this helpful
    Bianca Oliveira

    Great feedback

    Bianca Oliveira (verified owner)

    I was studying for TOEFL for more than 1 year when I found Jaime’s services. Before it I tried 3 different TOEFL teachers but I didn’t have a good experience with any of them. One of the teachers said that he didn’t know why I wasn’t getting a S26 and I felt so frustrated about it because If he didn’t know, how could I improve? But with Jaime it was different. After her feedback on the diagnose test I was able to see my errors and I could understand where and how to improve.
    The memory pouches were also really helpful to fix fossilized errors and consequently improve my English.

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  2. MD

    Super detailed

    MD (verified owner)

    So I have taken a lot, a lot of iBT Toefl speaking tests, both real ones and diagnostic ones (the kind of test when you record yourself, send the recording to a tutor so they can point out your problems). What I can say is that Jaime’s feedback really made a difference that helped me get 26 instead of being stuck at 23-24-25.

    So at first, I tried taking a speaking only practice test on ETS website, which cost 25$ I think, I got 23. They did give me feedback but only about the delivery part, so I knew that I had some problems with speed and repetition.

    Then I tried another tutor, I paid like $15, sent her a record of one of the TPO speaking session, she gave me feedback only about the grammar (which I can correct myself after listening to my recordings)

    Then I tried another tutor, he said that my records were perfect, he didn’t understand why I didn’t get a 26.

    Then I took several test after and still stuck at 23-24 most of the time, then I decided to try Jaime’s service. The first time I received her feedback, I was so surprised about how it was so detailed and organized, each type of mistakes that I made was color-coded, I could easily find out my mistakes in each category of delivery, english use or topic development. There were even mistakes that I didn’t aware that I made them because nobody has ever told me before.

    Another thing that I loved about this course is the Memory Pouches. Before, I believed that I could easily ace this Toefl by myself as I believed that I’m smart. But I didn’t know that learning a language is nothing like learning math, physics or pharmacology (those subjects that I used to get maximum scores at school). So I started all over again, doing all of the “boring”, repetition exercises that Jaime personally designed for me. And it worked, after a few months, my pronunciations got more and more precise every time I speak.

    So, having a detailed feedback and the right method to fix your fossilized errors are the key to success.

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  3. Eugene S.

    Brilliant study course

    Eugene S. (verified owner)

    Hello everyone!
    I recently escaped my personal TOEFL hell which I “enjoyed” for several years. So I am done and moving forward energized.
    Before I met Jaime I’ve tried a few other TOEFL iBT prep courses. They definitely gave me some understanding of TOEFL and I achieved some progress. However I was stuck for pretty long time. I was kind of desperate to find a really lifesaving solution, so after long recearch I realized that Jaime with her experience and special approach to every student is my last chance to finish with TOEFL. Finally, with Jaime’s help I’ve reached my goal.
    What I liked the most from the first meeting is Jaime’s approach to assess my current level of knowledge as well as my psychological condition and life circumstances. That helped us to determine the number of important steps on my way to success with TOEFL. I highly recommend to follow the roadmap created by Jaime precisely. All study materials worth your time and effort. Memory pouches, The Deck, How to fix fossilized errors, How to get S26 and some other helped me a lot.
    So my advice is next. Believe in yourself, trust Jaime’s experience and help, invest enough time and stay focused. All these will lead to success with TOEFL.
    God bless everyone!

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  4. Juan

    it helped me a lot!!!!

    Juan (verified owner)

    I want to share my experience to show you that Jaime Miller is the best option for you to pass your TOEFL exam. This exam is not only about English. It challenges you in many different ways. I am a foreign Pharmacist, and I was looking for help to pass my TOEFL exam, particularly the speaking part (I needed 26). It did not matter how much I was paying to other places where they claimed they know how to pass the exam. They didn’t care about me because I did not fit the mold. For example, one teacher only listened to my responses and told me if I said the important points, but he did not fix my grammar. He told me if I needed English grammar, I would have to take another course. Worse than that, another teacher told me that I would never get 26 on TOEFL Speaking due to my strong accent and did not give me any solution. I was not only wasting money; I was also wasting a lot of time and energy. I was close to quitting when I found Jaime. She is a complete teacher. We worked on grammar, accent, intonation, and so on. She helped me improve all that I needed in order to succeed. She was the only one who focused on me, on my weak points (that are different than yours). And we tried different paths until I reached my goal. I got 27 in speaking, and now I can move on with my life. Thank you so much, Jaime, for your help and support.

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  5. sarah jasim

    A 5 starts review is not fair enough for Jaime, she really deserves way more than that!!

    sarah jasim (verified owner)

    A 5 star review is not fair enough for Jaime, she really deserves way more than that!!

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