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The New Method to Crush The "Fossilized" Errors that Have Been Ruining Your TOEFL iBT Speaking & Writing Scores

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Need W24? The biggest difference is that my program targets and retrains your “fossilized errors” with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Study for TOEFL iBT with Jaime Miller's e-courses and live Zoom classes. Named "Best Personalized Instruction" by Intelligent.com
The Connection between a TOEFL iBT Speaking score of 26, your patients' safety and your job effectiveness
Secret #1:
The Proven Method to Fix Old Mistakes that You Can't Stop Making
Secret #2:
The Approach that Turns People with Test Anxiety into “Success Stories”
Secret #3:
The Question that Can Save You $$$$ and Months of Delays

The ESA Method

"Measurable Progress" Bundle
for TOEFL iBT Writing & Speaking

the proven method to dramatically
improve your English
both at TOEFL iBT and in your life

Basic Logistics

Before I tell you exactly what you get, let’s clarify some deal-breakers.

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“I had over 10 online tutors before I found Jaime. Jaime’s price is cheap compared to what she offers. Indeed, she has a huge website with so many videos and resources on it. I scrupulously followed The ESA Method.

“After 4 months, my English was totally changed. My American friends were surprised by my improvement. I had so many compliments from people about my pronunciation. Most importantly, I didn’t have any issue being understood by people anymore.

“At the end of 8 months, I got 28 on Speaking! If I had registered in Jaime’s classes from the beginning when I started to study for TOEFL, I would have saved a lot of money and time!”

MJG, Pharmacist

Final scores: S28 W26

“I’m a physical therapist, and I struggled to get 26+ and 24+ on speaking and writing for 4 years. I took online classes with different tutors and attended different local programs to improve my English, but nothing worked for passing TOEFL with the scores I needed. I was so devastated at some point that I decided to quit and just stopped trying. 

“Last summer I got some time to myself because of the pandemic, and I decided to give it a try with Jaime’s online program. There is no magic in what she does, but it’s a combination of my commitment and hard work along with Jaime’s close feedback on the performance that made the huge difference. It took me around 3 months to get 28 on speaking and 25 on writing!”

OB, Physical Therapist

Final scores: S28 W25

* Your success hinges on factors beyond my control. Your results will depend on how much time, energy and attention you invest.

9 Differences of studying with The ESA Method

Difference #1:
The Process

Your progress with me is
documented and measured.

Difference #2:
My Materials

You'll learn exactly what I say and write when I score S30 and W30.

Difference #3:
My Expertise

You'll discover what you must do in order to score S26 and W24.

Difference #4:
Organized Curriculum

Every week, you'll have a "To Do" list of activities that improve your TOEFL score.

Difference #5:
VERY Detailed Feedback

You can fix mistakes when you have accurate, specific feedback.

Difference #6:
Our Focus is Better English

By improving your English, you will raise your TOEFL iBT score.

Difference #7:
My Video Archive

You'll have access to my extensive archive of lecture recordings.

Difference #8:
How I Handle "Bad News"

I don't give up! We'll keep navigating bad days until you finish with TOEFL.

Difference #9:
My Professionalism

It's my full-time job to work with TOEFL iBT test-takers.

“Jaime Miller Advising is definitely the best TOEFL program. It literally changed my life. I had been studying for TOEFL using different online test prep materials for more than 1 year without any success.

“I got stuck on the S23 portion before I decided to sign up for Jaime’s program. Her program is completely different from others’ programs out there because it contains the right material, especially if you need S26 and W24. Jaime gives you all the secrets you need to reach your desired TOEFL score.

“This program requires lots of work and hours of practicing but it is worth it. Also, I’ve never met such a great person as Jaime. She is super kind and supportive. Personally, I struggled a lot with a test anxiety, and Jaime was able to help me overcome it, and she definitely boosted my confidence. As a result, I got my goal score and now I’m able to move on with my career.

“I would highly recommend Jaime Miller Advising to everyone who is really serious about their future, wants to improve their English and wants to get done with TOEFL ASAP.”

IC, Pharmacist

Final scores: S28 W26

“After taking the TOEFL test 3 times, I was unable to pass the speaking section. I only needed 1 point to pass.

“I contacted Jaime to ask for help because I was so close to the goal that I didn’t know what else to do. Jaime asked me the right questions to understand my personal experience in order to customize her service according to my needs. She realized that my problem was confidence.

“She helped me to build that confidence in English that I was lacking. She gave me excellent tips on how to take notes and how to organize the information that I was going to present in Tasks 1, 2, 3 and 4.

“After this experience with Jaime, I was able to jump from 23 to 27 on my speaking section!!! I highly recommend her service, because it is customized. She is not just any TOEFL teacher, I actually believe she is the best one.

SM, Texas Public School Teacher

Final scores: S27 (Writing, not studied)

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