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Limit Your TOEFL Speaking Score to 23, 24 or 25

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With the Advanced Speaking Guide for Scores of 26+ on TOEFL iBT you will

  • Learn the study sequence that saves you time, energy and money
  • Review 13 responses that get top points in Topic Development (Scoring Criteria #1) 
  • Understand what earns high scores for Grammar & Vocabulary (Scoring Criteria #2)
  • Identify the characteristics of advanced Delivery (Scoring Criteria #3)
  • Correct common pronunciation mistakes for your native language
  • Build confidence for TOEFL and your everyday English
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You probably feel like you tried everything…
and haven't seen the results that you hoped for.

Maybe you even studied for TOEFL with 1 of the 50+ ESL tutors
who registered for my training, "How to Teach Exams."

Studying with me is different.

Stop making the mistakes which limit your TOEFL iBT Speaking score to 23, 24 or 25

Do you feel like you're stuck in TOEFL iBT Speaking "Hell"? Are you exhausted from chasing Speaking 26... but you can't quit because your career depends on it?

Jaime Miller’s Advanced Speaking Guide for Scores of 26+ on TOEFL iBT is for anyone who is tired of wondering “Why can’t I get the score I need?”

When your score continues to be stuck, most people fear they may never be good enough. The truth is you can develop accurate English for TOEFL iBT Speaking… even if your previous tutors did not know how to help you do it.

You don’t need to give up on TOEFL. Your “stuck” TOEFL score is actually a helpful sign that means you need to start focusing on things you weren’t aware of.

In this book, Jaime Miller covers the 3 scoring criteria that you can’t afford to skip. This is Step 1 of her proven framework, The Effective Speaking in Action Method. Your TOEFL score—and your daily English—will change forever when you follow this guide.

Success Stories

“After trying 10+ tutors, I found Jaime's method and I changed my TOEFL Speaking score from 23-24 to 28. My American friends were surprised how my English has improved. I am done with TOEFL! I acknowledge that it's all about Jaime Miller's techniques. “

MJ, Pharmacist
Highest Speaking Score: 28/30

“My final score was 26 sharp, exactly what I needed as a Physical Therapist applying for a green card in the US. I got it last November on my 5th attempt after getting Jaime's feedback and studying with Jaime's Advanced Speaking Guide. Jaime gave me the confidence that I was missing but not only that, she could diagnose my weaknesses precisely and give me the right tips and guidance I needed. I have this feeling that if I had never gotten Jaime's help, I would have had very weak chances of scoring the 26. The funny part of the story is that I didn’t have a good day at the exam. I was very anxious and the room was somewhat noisy and uncomfortable so when the time came and I had to speak, it was not good at all. To be honest, I was very disappointed after the exam and hopeless about the results. But then I got my score report. I saw the amazing 26 that I had been waiting 1 year to see. Jaime’s guidance and the content of the materials were so powerful that even on a bad day I got the 26! I am pretty sure that if I had had a good day I would have gotten the 30!! Jaime really helped me in a very professional way. I wish I could have found her before!"

Jose, Physical Therapist
Highest Speaking Score: 26/30

“I’m so grateful to God who inspired me to make the right decision and have Jaime Miller supervise my journey with the TOEFL because I struggled with the TOEFL for 3 years and I tried almost all of the TOEFL pre-paid courses and a tutor before Jaime. Jaime’s course is very intensive. In Speaking you’ll learn what is worth your attention. You will be taught to ONLY SAY WHAT THE GRADER WANTS TO HEAR. Jaime will teach you her UNIQUE TEMPLATES. They were the reason for me getting 29/30 in my test. I’m so proud. Getting 26+ in TOEFL Speaking is possible to accomplish with Jaime’s strategies.”

SJ, Pharmacist
Highest Speaking Score: 29/30
Jaime Miller, TOEFL Speaking Coach sits at computer working

Jaime Miller has been teaching online, full-time since 2010 and has created e-courses, Memory Pouches and study protocols to reduce grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation errors by 86-89% the first time that you say something.

how to fix fossilized errors with grammar vocabulary and pronunciation

In 2021, she was picked for “Best Personalized Instruction” for TOEFL iBT by Her detailed feedback has helped countless English-learners discover their customized study plan to make their required scores a reality.

seal: Best TOEFL Prep Courses, Approved

A native English speaker, Jaime continues to take the TOEFL iBT so she can stay current with changes to the exam. See her score report at


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