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Jaime Miller TOEFL iBT Coach for Speaking 26 Writing 24

No matter how many tutors you’ve had or times you’ve taken the TOEFL iBT — no matter how discouraged you are about your scores up to now — I have a proven track record of helping people like you achieve your dreams and get the respect you deserve when you speak English.

I’m Jaime Miller, the online teacher and coach for scores on the TOEFL iBT test like Speaking 26 and Writing 24. 

If you’re studying for TOEFL, you already know it’s a hard test.

I also know it because I’ve taken it several times.  (You can see my current scores in the image.)

If TOEFL iBT was like any test or challenge that you faced in your life before, you would already have finished with it by now. Why do I say that?

The way you do anything
is the way you do everything.

You are a smart, successful person and your problem with TOEFL iBT is that you don’t know what to change, so you don’t know what to do. 

Do you wonder why, as a native speaker, I bother taking the exam? Certainly I don’t “need” to—and I think it’s a valid question because too many tutors for TOEFL iBT don’t take the exam. That means your previous tutor probably had no experience with:

  • Navigating the process of registering for TOEFL iBT
  • Paying the increasingly expensive registration fee
  • The excruciatingly poor communication with Prometric  and ETS if there is even the smallest issue
  • Dealing with all of the pre-exam jitters (sleep disturbance, traveling a long way, checking into that super quiet, awkward environment where hardly anyone looks at each other, regulating your bodily functions to fit the exam schedule)
  • Sitting for 3.5 hours glued to a screen with headphones over your ears and a mic in front of your face 

I take the test to understand all of those things.

PLUS I need to know what ETS is changing because you will finish with TOEFL faster if your guide is up-to-date.

Some people think I am too intense. 

I prefer to recognize that I am fully-committed to helping you overcome your TOEFL challenges.


Jaime Miller TOEFL iBT Coach for Speaking 26 Writing 24

How I Became a TOEFL Coach

Jaime Miller TOEFL iBT Coach for Speaking 26 Writing 24

It all started in 2008, when I moved to Turkey as a beginner teacher. The day that I got off the plane, the only words that I knew in Turkish were “apple,” “fork” and “jump.” It is a challenge to use all 3 words in the same sentence—let alone start your life in a new country with just those! I had to learn a lot, and fast

My work schedule prevented me from taking intensive group Turkish lessons, so I ended up bouncing between self-studying in my apartment and taking private lessons. I was constantly searching for a new Turkish tutor because they never corrected my mistakes in a way that made sense to me or they told me I was already good enough, so they would not correct me at all.

Meanwhile my first TOEFL  iBT student needed to improve her Speaking score. The only advice my boss could give me was “Don’t do anything that makes her score worse than it already is.”

At first, I was astonished that they gave me this student, instead of pairing her with a more experienced tutor. But it started to make sense when I realized that none of the long-time teachers who were mentoring me had useful advice about how to help her. It seemed like no one had any idea about how to work with students to get the scores they needed on this important–life-changing–exam.

For quite a while, I floundered, but over time I developed effective study protocols and tools that transformed my students’ lives.

By 2010, I was fed up with the way traditional language schools treated their students.

So, I set out on my own with an exclusive focus on tutoring for TOEFL iBT.

It took me years to figure out the answer to two fundamental questions that determine your score–why do TOEFL Graders give 26 on Speaking? And more importantly, how can you improve your English enough that they give YOU 26, even if you failed repeatedly before?  

Over the years, I’ve guided TOEFL iBT students from over 30 countries and 15 language groups to get the scores they need using my online e-courses, Zoom classes and private lessons.

Between 2015-2019, I offered my own online training for ESL teachers that was called: "How to Teach Exams." Over 50 teachers joined my training.

Like I said, how you do anything is how you do everything. I Iove the challenge, love helping people who were stuck – and most of all, I love hearing from students “I’m done with TOEFL!”

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My Degree, Qualifications & Industry Experience

2008 – Received Bachelor of Arts (Lewis & Clark College) Portland, Oregon

2008 – Received Level 4 CELTA Certificate (University of Cambridge) Training for English as a Second Language

2008 – Began teaching adults General English full-time in Izmir, Turkey

2010 – Worked with my first-ever student for TOEFL. Helped her raise her score in TOEFL iBT Speaking

2011 – Started teaching TOEFL iBT full-time.  Created my digital course, Right Notes, a 21-day training to take better notes

2012 – Created my digital courses for TOEFL iBT Writing & Speaking, including pronunciation

2014 – Received Delta, Module 1 Certificate (University of Cambridge), a test that requires English as a Second Language Teachers to demonstrate proficiency in the following areas: theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching; different approaches and methodologies, including current developments; language systems and learners’ linguistic problems; language skills and learners’ problems; knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language learning; key concepts and terminology related to assessment

2015 – Presented “How to Fix Fossilized Errors” (to the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) Birmingham, England

2015 – 2017 – Led over 30 teachers with the training teachers: “How to Teach Exams” like TOEFL iBT

2018 – Began officially manufacturing Memory Pouches (to fix fossilized errors) after years of various prototypes

2021 – Named “Best Personalized Instruction” by Intelligent.com in their article, The 10 Best TOEFL Prep Courses and Classes

2022 – Attended the 6-hour, official teacher-training workshop led by ETS: “Propell Workshop for the TOEFL iBT Test, Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing”

Jaime Miller presents about how to fix fossilized errors at IATEFL 2015 conference in Birmingham, England
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