About Me

My name is Jaime Miller. 

I am ridiculously proud that I was named “Best Personalized Instruction” by Intelligent.com in their article, The 10 Best TOEFL Prep Courses and Classes of 2021

Since 2010 I’ve been helping motivated physical therapists, pharmacists, lawyers, and other ambitious students prepare for TOEFL iBT and get their target scores (like Speaking 26 or Writing 24) — even if they’re worried they can’t stop failing that exam.

My Connection to English Success Academy and The ESA Method

If a friend told you about English Success Academy or The ESA Method, you’re in the right place.

I owned English Success Academy from 2014 until 2020, and I produced all of the content for it, including the material in the Learning Kits and protocols to fix fossilized mistakes. 

Unfortunately, because of the situation with COVID-19, I had to close our physical location and let go of my assistant. For a while, I also lost my health care insurance. Fortunately, I’m back on my feet with my new website: Jaime Miller Advising

Why do people need someone like me?

If TOEFL iBT was like any test or challenge that you faced in your life before, you would already have gotten past it. 

The reason why you’re stuck with TOEFL is a unique combination of issues with your English (which could include grammar, vocabulary or accent issues), your strategies for TOEFL iBT, and your confidence in yourself. 

I’ve given feedback on literally thousands of TOEFL iBT Speaking and Writing responses over the the past decade. When people get scores below Speaking 26 and Writing 24, it’s because they’re making somewhere between 50 and 200 mistakes with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. 

In my e-courses and services, you’ll find tools to re-train “fossilized” errors. 

There are also times when someone is stuck with TOEFL because, when it matters the most, they just can’t find the confidence. All the studying in the world won’t change a person’s TOEFL score as long as they’re silently telling themselves negative messages. For that, I offer a service called “Red Line Coaching.”

What are the weirdest things that I encountered in my career?

First was when an unscrupulous tutor bought my Advanced Speaking Guide in 2014 and proceeded to systematically copy-paste my workbook… And then try to sell it as his own on Udemy. He also watched about a dozen of my videos and then recorded his own versions, which were basically mine, verbatim. When Udemy and I threatened him with legal action, he got his act together. 

Second was when I found out that an online school in Russia had been using my video in their own marketing to make it look like I taught for them. I have not taught for anyone but myself since 2011, so if you see anyone claiming that I work at their school, please let me know. 😉 I’ll have a little chat with them. 

What is the fastest way to start studying with me?

I have put a lot of time and effort into creating my free consultation process. 

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