3. Energy

Enthusiastic speakers are better communicators because they hold their listeners’ attention. You can influence TOEFL iBT graders and make them want to listen to you — simply by sounding enthusiastic, excited, and passionate about the topics that you speak about.

How to Boost Energy

Here’s a demonstration of Jaime naturally and consciously boosting her energy by singing a power song.

Could this technique work for you? Why or why not?

If you cannot dance or sing, then you should find a viable alternative. You need to do something to significantly boost your mood before taking TOEFL iBT. Other options include: running, laughing at comedy, and remembering really funny jokes or situations.

Trigger Your Happiness

Read page 135 and 136 of the Advanced Speaking Guide. Complete the sentences on page 136.

Do any follow-up activities that are necessary for you to embed these habits permanently in your memory.

Use Music Strategically

Don’t forget to listen to your playlist of power songs!  (You should have made this during Lesson 3: Mindset.)

  • Are you still using music?
  • Is it more / less effective now? Do you need to update your playlist?
  • Is your playlist in your car or on your mp3 player so that you can listen to these power songs before you go to take your TOEFL iBT test?

After thinking about and taking action on the previous three questions, mark this task complete.

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