"Just doing what I am good at in the US, thanks to Jamie!"

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  • Native Language: Arabic
  • Native Language: Chinese
  • Native Language: Farsi
  • Native Language: French
  • Native Language: Japanese
  • Native Language: Russian
  • Native Language: Ukranian
  • Native Language: Vietnamese
  • Reason for TOEFL: Dentist
  • Reason for TOEFL: Pharmacist
  • Reason for TOEFL: Physical Therapy
  • Reason for TOEFL: University Applicant
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Busy Mom gets S26

My name is Kseniya L., I’m almost 40 years old. In order to practice pharmacy in the USA, I needed speaking …

A dental student from China got Speaking 27

Meet Liang, our student from China who dreamed of being accepted to Harvard. Liang was struggling with the speaking section of the …

A university student from Japan scored 106

Read an amazing story of Mizuha who changed from S17 to S23 after a month of intensive preparation. In her …

A Physical Therapist from Iran got Speaking 27

Pegah is a Physical Therapist and she needed to have a high TOEFL score to be qualified to work in …

Video Interview: She had 10+ tutors for TOEFL… and finally got S26-28

During your journey with TOEFL iBT, it’s natural to do some “shopping” to find the right program that fits your …

Real Interview: She got S28 / W25 on TOEFL iBT

Do you want information about how to study with Jaime? If you are inspired by Olga’s success story, we hope …

Success Story: Vietnamese Pharmacist scores S26

Anh is a Vietnamese, foreign-trained pharmacist. She got her degree in Hungary and then moved to America. She wanted to …

How He Stabilized Months of Fluctuating Scores

Below is another real-life story from Olek, a pharmacist who passed TOEFL iBT with final scores of 107 (R28 L28 …

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