The Partnership for TOEFL iBT Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening is a study option for foreign-trained professionals who want a customized plan including super-detailed feedback that makes sense, private lessons, ongoing support, and coaching to activate their “champion”… so they get all the points they need in 6 months or less.

The Partnership for TOEFL iBT Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening is a study option for foreign-trained professionals who want a customized plan including super-detailed feedback that makes sense, private lessons, ongoing support, and coaching to activate their “champion”… so they get all the points they need.

It’s time to finally finish TOEFL… so that you’re moving forward.

It’s time to finally finish TOEFL… so that you’re moving forward.


You’re a professional. After you are finished with TOEFL, you’ll use English more than ever. So, you want the confidence of knowing you speak and write with precision — and that you’re trusted with the responsibility that comes with your promotion.

You want to replace strangers on YouTube with an expert who actually knows you, checks your customized homework assignments, and discusses your personalized results so that you understand what’s necessary to correct.

You’re regularly studying 10-15 hours per week for TOEFL iBT. You want to focus that time with the most impactful, score-maximizing activities so that you quickly fill the gaps between you and all of your target scores.

You’re ready to activate the strength and confidence to rise above seeing TOEFL as a punishment, and start knowing TOEFL is a game that you have the power and skill to win.

You’re prepared to invest in yourself because you look forward to earning significantly more money in your future career.


Listen, I’ve been a foreigner navigating a new city, culture and language. I’ve self-studied and felt how hard it was to be respected when people couldn’t understand me.

I know how frustrating it is to rewire the right pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary—and it often seems impossible unless you are using the right tools or activities.

But even then, it’s essential to focus enough time and energy on the right activities so that you actually see results. That’s how I can help you.

Since 2010, I’ve spent over 10,000 hours in Zoom teaching classes about advanced strategies for TOEFL iBT Speaking, American pronunciation and English grammar – as well as coaching and talking with determined foreign-trained professionals about why they’re struggling to reach their goal.

From all that time, I’ve learned there are no “perfect” strategies – only strategies that are “perfect for you.”


The journey to a score of 26 is challenging because you’re evolving. What you need (and the questions you have) in Week 1 is completely different from what you need (and the questions you have) in Week 16.



A program for foreign-trained professionals wanting a customized plan to rewire their English fluency so they get more points at TOEFL iBT Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening — and more opportunities at work



so you skillfullly navigate the game with advanced strategies for all 4 sections


so that you collect the points to achieve a score of at least Speaking 26 / Writing 24


so you shake off the past and show up like the champion you are


When you join The Partnership, we create a plan for you to finish with TOEFL iBT in 6 months or less.

Plus, you also get My Unstoppable Guarantee, which gives you an extra 6 months of my support, guidance, recommendations and help — if necessary.

The speed of your progress is in your control, not mine.

Some foreign-trained professionals see results as quickly 1-2 months, others in 4-6 months, and others in 6-12 months. It all depends on maintaining your schedule, energy and consistency… which is why I motivate you with the Rapid Finish Incentive Program. 





After you register, your Memory Pouches and any other relevant materials will be mailed out in the mail the next business day.

I ship from California, and delivery to a US address typically happens within 2-3 business days.




We need a clear sense of your strengths and weaknesses before we have any classes so that you don’t waste any time. 

Also, we need to begin identifying what the patterns of any “fossilized” errors are.

You’ll log into your account on my website.

You can take the Diagnostic Test any time of day, any day of the week (nights and Saturday or Sunday are possible—but I recommend simulating the reality of a real TOEFL iBT Reading / Listening / Speaking / Writing test as much as possible).





Within 3 business days (not Saturday or Sunday), I’ll provide your feedback reports. In the meanwhile, you can get a head-start by watching the special training about how to use Memory Pouches and begin learning how to make your customized flashcards.

Right around this same time, your package should be arriving in the mail, so keep an eye on notifications for your tracking number!




You’ll get an email from me with a link to your feedback report.

This summarizes your strengths and what’s already helping you earn your target score on TOEFL iBT Speaking, as well as what’s limiting your score.

You’ll also see the top areas where you must focus to see your scores rise.

Finally, you’ll get a customized list of the flashcards that you must make and use daily with your Memory Pouches.

You’ll watch the training videos on my website and you’ll ask me any questions you have via email.




Next, it’s time to meet with me in Zoom and set up your Google Calendar.

That will be your navigation dashboard on a daily basis.

The assignments I add to it will guide your daily TOEFL study schedule for 10 to 15 hours per week for the next few weeks.





Your private lessons are on Tuesdays (yes, that’s the only day of the week so if Tuesdays are impossible for you, you need to keep looking for another tutor). You’ll also get a seat in my Friday group classes (currently 8:30 AM to 11 AM Pacific Standard Time). 

For your private lessons, you’ll prepare relevant customized homework assignments and then we’ll have time to discuss your questions. We skip whatever you don’t need but we can cover…

Depending on your weekly needs, each of these 1:1 classes can last between 20 and 60 minutes in Zoom. You’ll make a recording of our full time together. 

Between your lessons, you’ll submit certain activities to SpeechRater. You and I will have follow up discussions via email.




For each of these private classes, you’ll study, prepare and simulate realistic TOEFL iBT Reading, Listening, Speaking and/or Writing tests (depending on your needs at any given moment)  the day before class.  On Monday, I review your results and do a thorough review. You get a feedback report that you can review Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

In Tuesday’s private Zoom meeting, we discuss:




There are a number of consecutive signs that indicate you’re ready to get your TOEFL iBT Speaking score at a real test. As soon as you’re showing those signs consistently, we’ll start discussing options for registering. For some people, this is by the end of Month 1. For others, this is by the end of Month 12, or somewhere in between.


Support from Jaime Miller, an expert with 12+ years of experience guiding ambitious professionals to results

Custom Feedback Report on Your Diagnostic Test for TOEFL iBT within 3 business days

Memory Pouches and Training Videos
free shipping within the US

Your List of “Fossilized” Errors with Grammar, Vocabulary and/or Pronunciation

Technology Orientation & Results Setting

Google Calendar, managed by Jaime and updated regularly with custom assignments for 6 months PLUS the 6-month Unstoppable Guarantee, if needed

Your Seat in Weekly Group Classes. Each lasts up to 90 minutes and recordings are available for 5 days

Private Classes to Review Your Assignments from e-courses, The Measurable Progress Framework for Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing

Same-Day or Next-Day responses Outside Classes (Monday through Friday) via text, email, Google Doc or What’s App


Bonus #1:  The “A-Player Activator” Workshop + Inevitable Champion Guide (retail value: $3000)

It’s easier for foreign-trained professionals to get their highest scores at TOEFL iBT when they feel powerful at the test center. (Not stressed. Not relaxed. Powerful.)

That is why your seat in The Partnership includes complimentary access to Inevitable Champion Guide, a special course sold by Champion In Command that retails for $2997.

Plus, you also get access to exclusive recordings of “The A-Player Activator” workshop so that you understand exactly how to apply the concepts in the Inevitable Champion Guide to your TOEFL studies. These are not available anywhere else.

Here are some real results from my students who used Inevitable Champion Guide while studying for TOEFL  iBT:

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When Jaime first sent me Inevitable Champion Guide, I wasn't excited about it. I thought it was weird and not related to TOEFL. She kept asking me to do it... so I did... and it actually works so good. Now it's easy for me to find 5 or 6 hours a day to study for TOEFL. When I do the activities in the program, it changes my day. It changes everything. Not just for TOEFL, but for my life.

Below, you can see how another pharmacist raised their overall score by 7 points and got their highest-ever scores in Listening,  Speaking and Writing… because they applied the concepts from Inevitable Champion Guide.

With Inevitable Champion Guide, you’ll have practical, actionable tools to activate your inner champion so that you show up in your most powerful self on Test Day. For every pharmacist who requires ALL the scores on the same day, that power is absolutely essential.

Bonus #2:  Crystal-Clear Communication & Customized Assignments (value: $1000)

One of the challenges of being a student is you must adapt to your teacher’s way of communicating. But teachers have different communication styles 😬 and even if you like a teacher, you might have very different communication styles and ways of thinking.

If the student doesn’t understand the teacher, it’s the student’s fault, right? The student should try harder, right?

Wrong! I modify and adapt my communication style with you so that you’re getting reports, assignments and advice about TOEFL iBT that is customized to be understood in the easiest and fastest way you can. As a result of decreasing miscommunications and misunderstandings… your rate of progress speeds up.

How do I do this? I use a diagnostic tool that is called The Perceptual Style Assessment. It’s a series of 2 quizzes with unlimited time. There are no wrong answers. There are no mistakes. There is only what’s true for you. 

After I know your Perceptual Style, I modify my communication every time I talk with you in Zoom, send emails or text messages, or assign you customized homework assignments on Google Calendar.


Ishak H.
Ishak H.Pharmacist
Read More
Jaime was a magic push to me in my TOEFL journey. She discovered my weakness points and how to improve. She really has a unique teaching patterns that extremely saves you a lot of time and money to get your dream score. I got 27 in speaking which is unbelievable to me. Speaking and writing were a nightmare to me , but with Jaime you will achieve your goals and get amazing opportunities.
Aya A.
Aya A.Pharmacist
Read More
I would like to thank Jaime so much for helping me getting my TOEFL high required scores .. because of the program, I was able to get 28 speaking and it improved my writing as well.. She is so supportive and she kept following me even after we were done with our lessons she kept encouraging me and asking if I had any questions to help me with! That made me feel that there is always someone there for me when I need help. She doesn’t like to waste the student’s time and money like other tutoring programs or teachers! Thank you Jamie ❤️
Laura M,
Laura M,Pharmacist
Read More
I totally recommend Jaime Miller and her Method for learning and improving your English level. I started taking her online classes because I struggled for a few months trying to score a 26+ in TOEFL-iBT Speaking section. I had taken other TOEFL preparation classes, checked online videos, but those strategies didn't take me to the score I needed, on the contrary, they were limiting my score. Then I found Jaime, from the moment I read her motivation and her approach to the test, I knew this was different from everything else I had tried, she knows the test, she has personally taken it several times so she knows the struggle students have. She is very professional, supportive, her method is very organized and structured, she gives you feedback and works with you on your personal weaknesses in the language. All I can say is that I'm grateful I found her, in just a couple months I went from a Speaking 25 to 27, just by following the method and her techniques. Her classes will not only take you to the score you need, they will improve your English overall.
Dayanna P.
Dayanna P.Lawyer
Read More
My name is Dayanna, and I am an Colombian attorney. I met Jaime after studying with various TOEFL tutors and practicing with ETS and other TOEFL materials. I decided to work with Jaime because I was struggling with my speaking and writing scores. Even after improving my English skills and pronunciation, I couldn't understand why it was still so challenging to achieve a score of 100+ on the TOEFL, with at least 25 in each section, which were the required scores to pursue my Master of Laws (LLM). Jaime helped me by focusing on one section at a time, organizing my calendar with the necessary activities, and coaching me throughout the entire process. She genuinely cares about providing each student with a personalized approach. She even had me complete a personality test to offer the most accurate approach. Jaime is not just an English tutor; she is someone you can trust and rely on. My only advice to those reading this review is to trust the process and follow Jaime's guidance word-by-word. It was when I did this that I achieved my desired scores and was able to move forward from the TOEFL journey. Thank you, Jaime, for being an incredible tutor and coach. I LOVED working with you and learning from you.
Lamees T.
Lamees T.Pharmacist
Read More
My name is Lamees, An Iraqi pharmacist and a mother. Getting 26 and 24 in both Speaking and writing sections is required by the board of pharmacy in order to get FPGEC. I took the TOEFL a couple of times, my scores were between 24-25 in Speaking and 23 in writing. I almost lost hope in passing this test and working as a pharmacist in the US. A friend advised me to contact Jaime Miller. Jaime is really a professional, supportive, polite, very well organized and above all an experienced teacher. The first time I met Jaime, I liked her instantly. I remember I told her “ You are my last hope and she confidently replied all you need is to study and follow the steps in the Measurable Progress Framework. . After finishing the diagnostic test in order to evaluate my performance in both sections, Jaime customized a studying plan for me. I watched all the videos in The Measurable Progress Framework for Speaking. There is plenty of information and tricks and tips in this course. Once I started studying her model responses in both Speaking and Writing, I noticed what mistakes that I used to make in the test which held me back from getting the requisite scores. After studying properly for less than 5 months, I got 28 in speaking. Without Jaime, I would not be able to get the 28 in Speaking. I highly recommend her and just follow her and you will see magic. Thank you Jaime, You changed my life
Blessy R.
Blessy R.Pharmacist
Read More
Ms. Jaime is one of the best tutors that I have seen in my life. Meeting her changed my life. I started studying for TOEFL in 2020 and I needed a speaking score of 26 for my Pharmacy license. I studied myself and attended two online classes with two different tutors. Their classes were based on general problems faced by students. I attended for nearly one and a half years, and I didn’t make any progress. My speaking scores were 23 and 24. I was frustrated because I didn’t know how to improve because of my life situation. I was so depressed, and I thought that I could never go on with my dream career. Fortunately, in Apr-2022, I was able to see a video of Ms. Jaime and my intuition told me that she would be able to help me. I scheduled a consultation with her, and she heard me very patiently. At first, I was reluctant to join her course because I worried it would be like the same courses that I did before. I decided to take her classes and that was one of the best decisions that I made in my life. I did a diagnostic test and she pointed out the main problems that I had in speaking. I tried following her instructions as I could. The best method was her memory pouches, with a simple technique, I improved a lot in terms of grammar and pronunciation. I doubted myself several times, but she gave me confidence and I improved a lot. The best thing about Ms. Jaime was that she replied to my emails immediately and very honestly. After following her methods for 3 months I decided to take a test in Aug-2022 and I got a speaking score of 28, which I could not believe even now. My best suggestion for all who read this is that follow her instructions, try your best every day, and be patient. Some changes take time. All the best to everyone. My family and I are indebted to Ms. Jaime.
Jenny B.
Jenny B.Physical Therapist
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I am very happy that I have Jaime as my teacher. Jaime didn’t just help me get my speaking scores but she gave me inner confidence that I can make use for the real world and not just for TOEFL. The way she taught me about thinking beyond the box and thinking about what good TOEFL can give for my career was really helpful. It’s another way of looking at a different perspective. I remember when I was so frustrated in passing my TOEFL exams because I couldn’t seem to pass every sections in one attempt. It was really devastating! However, Jaime never fails to follow up with me even though I’m not enrolled with her anymore. She still messaged me from time to time making sure I didn’t lose all my focus. This is why I really admire her because she’s an extra miler and you can witness how passionate she is with her work and how she goes out of her way to reach out to students like me. Everything seems to be easier when you know she always got your back and she will really push you to pass no matter what it takes! 💯💯💯
Yasmin H.
Yasmin H.Pharmacist
Read More
I am a pharmacist from Egypt, and I need to get high scores in TOEFL in order to have my license as a pharmacist in the United States. I got all my desired scores except in speaking. I took a speaking e_course with Jaimie Her ideas were very good and helpful that I had just passed the TOEFL after suffering for 2 years I was stuck at 23 in speaking without knowing any solution to fix my problems Jaimie e-course forces you to slow down and think about your speaking answers from a different perspective
Nairi Y.
Nairi Y.Pharmacist
Read More
I highly recommend Jaime Miller, she is a professional tutor for TOEFL exam because simply she is lovely, friendly, she has her unique techniques to pass the exam, and she gives feedback full of details on homework. Actually, I worked with a lot of tutors before I met Jaime in 2018, but none of them highlighted on my weakness, especially in the speaking section, I was stuck between (23-24) and my target score was S26. When I started following Jaime’s classes, I got more than the required scores to get my degree validated in the US. My target scores were S26, W24 and I got S26, W 28. Honestly, she does not only improved my English, but also she changed my mind set and I started talking confidently. On top of that, one of the important things that I noticed and loved when I worked with Jaime is that she really loves her work and she teaches with love and care and I think that is why she is a successful and a creative woman. Thank you so much Jaime! 🌹 God bless you always 🙏 I love you♥️
Sandra M.
Sandra M.Pharmacist
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After taking the TOEFL test 3 times, I was unable to pass the speaking section. I only needed 1 point to pass. I contacted Jaime to ask for help because I was so close to the goal that I didn't know what else to do. Jamie asked me the right questions to understand my personal experience in order to customize her service according to my needs. She realized that my problem was confidence, so we had two long conversation in which she helped me to build that confidence in English that I was lacking. Although I didn't take any specific English classes with her,( it was more about how to be comfortable and not stressed while speaking), she gave me excellent tips on how to take notes and how to organize the information that I was going to present. After this experience with Jaime, I was able to jump from 23 to 27 on my speaking section!!!. I highly recommend her service, because it is customized. She is not just any TOEFL teacher, I actually believe she is the best one.
Maria Alexandra C.
Maria Alexandra C.Physical Therapist
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Since I moved to the United states in 2010, I wanted to work as a Physical Therapist. I am originally from Colombia and I have been working as a therapist all my life. One of the requisites to get license in America is the TOEFL. I needed a high score overall in the TOEFL, but my challenge was the speaking section (26 +). I have tried different online courses and self study methods unsuccessfully because, I could not see what was my problem. I took the TOEFL test several times and I never got any better. I met Jaime online a few years ago, when I reached her for a diagnostic evaluation. Sadly, I did not follow her suggestion and I actually wasted more time and money. It was clear for me that I was stuck on the TOEFL speaking section. Last year I got in contact with Jaime again, and she found out what my problems with the TOEFL were and of course, she offered me help. So, I got The ESA Method + Private lessons + VIP Day in Sacramento and it was exactly what I needed. Jaime provides a very personalize help. We worked online since I live on the East side of the country. Jaime met with me every week, she was available for me all the time and when she felt I needed to put all the information together, I went to Sacramento, where Jaime put all together to get me ready for the test. I took the test on October and December 2018, and got the scores I needed in each section of the TOEFL. Honestly, I truly believe Jaime helped me not only with the TOEFL but also with my English overall. If your live can change drastically with the TOEFL results, do not hesitate to work with Jaime and invest in your future, because she has the key to help you on this matter. I trust her 100% and I got more than what I needed. Thank you Jaime:)
Ivanna C.
Ivanna C.Pharmacist
Read More
Jaime Miller Advising is definitely the best TOEFL program. It literally changed my life. I had been studying for TOEFL using different online test prep materials for more than 1 year without any success. I got stuck on the S23 portion before I decided to sign up for Jaime’s program. Her program is completely different from others programs out there because it contains the right material, especially if you need S26 and W24. Jaime gives you all the secrets you need to reach your desired TOEFL score. This program requires lots of work and hours of practicing but it is worth it. Also, I’ve never met such a great person as Jaime. She is super kind and supportive. Personally, I struggled a lot with a test anxiety, and Jaime was able to help me overcome it, and she definitely boosted my confidence. As a result, I got my goal score and now I’m able to move on with my career. I would highly recommend Jaime Miller Advising to everyone who is really serious about their future, wants to improve their English and wants to get done with TOEFL ASAP. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with Jaime Miller!
Maria C.
Maria C.Pharmacist
Read More
If I could give a thousand stars, I would give them. I am a pharmacist from Russia and want to obtain a pharmacist license in the USA. My co-workers who already went through TOEFL recommended finding a tutor. And I am so glad that I found Jaime. She really cares about her students. She was very responsive throughout the studying process and tracked my improvements and mistakes. I felt her support from the beginning to the end. Moreover, her new speaking program is amazing. I struggled with the speaking section, and it was exactly what I needed. I do not know if anyone else could come up with the idea that Jaime did, but her approach is incredibly effective. If you need help with the test, I definitely recommend Jaime Miller. Thank you, Jaime.
Alaa M.
Alaa M.Dentist
Read More
My name is Alaa, and I’m a Sudanese dentist. And here is my experience: Jaime was really great. She was kind, patient, and very organized. She always encouraged and supported me. A friend recommended her to me, and I’m so glad I found her. She started by giving me a test to see how good I was at English. This helped her understand what I needed to work on. I hadn’t studied TOEFL with a tutor before, so this was new for me. She explained things in a way that was easy to understand, whether in emails or during our sessions. She knows a lot about the TOEFL test and gave me really good advice based on her experience. She’s also really smart and knows how to use technology well. This made our lessons even better. With her help, I was able to do well on the TOEFL test. I even got a score of 27 in the speaking section, thanks to Jaime’s guidance. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with the TOEFL. She’s awesome!
Brian N.
Brian N.Lawyer
Read More
Jaime is the ABSOLUTE BEST! I prepared TOEFL iBT with different instructors in applying to LL.M. programs in the U.S. and took the test three times between September 2022 and April 2023 without getting the results I needed. In at least two out of those three times, I finished the test with a positive feeling, thinking that I would obtain good results. Unfortunately, I did not get the required score and became frustrated with my performance. After that, I met Jaime, and my approach to the test changed completely. In only three weeks (with a heavy workload), she helped me to boost my speaking score by 4 points (from 23 to 27)! At the same time, her program made me realize that I could get a much better overall score, which ended up happening (I increased my TOEFL iBT score from 105 to 115). Jaime helped me by focusing on one section at a time, organizing my calendar with the necessary activities, and coaching me throughout the entire process. She genuinely cares about providing each student with a personalized approach. She even had me complete a personality test to offer the most accurate approach. Jaime is not just an English tutor; she is someone you can trust and rely on. My only advice to those reading this review is to trust the process and follow Jaime's guidance word-by-word. It was when I did this that I achieved my desired scores and was able to move forward from the TOEFL journey. Thank you, Jaime, for being an incredible tutor and coach. I LOVED working with you and learning from you.
Olga B.
Olga B.Physical Therapist
Read More
Jaime is the most professional and dedicated English teacher I’ve seen. I’m a physical therapist, and I struggled to get 26+ and 24+ on speaking and writing respectively for 4 years. I took online classes with different tutors and attended different local programs to improve my English, but nothing worked for passing TOEFL with the scores I needed. I was so devastated at some point that I decided to quit and just stopped trying. Last summer I got some time to myself because of the pandemic, and I decided to give it a try with Jaime’s online program. Jaime is an extremely talented and positive person, and she also knows well what accommodations can work the best for different people. She is the one and only teacher who spent her time and money to take the real TOEFL, just to know how it feels! There is no magic in what she does, but it’s a combination of my commitment and hard work along with Jaime’s close feedback on the performance that made the huge difference. It took me around 3 months to get 28 on speaking and 25 on writing! So, if you’re ready to get things done with your TOEFL, do not hesitate and take Jaime’s classes! I’m sure, it’s going to be the best investment!
Michelle M.
Michelle M.Pharmacist
Read More
My name is Michelle Montesinos, I am a pharmacist from Honduras. I needed to pass the TOEFL test to get my pharmacy license in the United States. I struggled to pass this test for years. I tried so many tutors with different techniques. However, I was not able to get 26 in speaking. I found Jamie's Miller program online and, it looked very interesting. Jamie gave personalized feedback to fix my fossilized mistakes. Also, the e-course and all its activities were very determinant for my progress. In the beginning, I was not confident with my English skills, and I was thinking that I would never pass this exam. But, I never gave up. Jamie was very patient, and she helped me to gain the confidence that I needed to answer all the questions in the real exam. One important thing for me was that she never left me alone. Jamie provided me with coaching support, that in my case was necessary to identify the areas that I needed to focus on in the real exam, her coaching helped me to boost my confidence. When I combined all these things, the magic happened, and I scored Speaking 26 and Writing 26.
Renata F.
Renata F.Nurse
Read More
My name is Renata, I'm from Brazil. Before getting to know Jayme's program, I tried to get my target score 3 times without improving. I was trying to get the Speaking score by watching Youtube videos and mixing free internet protocols which obviously didn't give any results. I didn't realize I was wasting money, time and opportunities for myself and my family. Right in the beginning I was impressed with Jayme's method. She wanted to understand my goals, my time to make a deep analysis . After a few weeks of studying Jaime's program, I was able to understand the uniqueness of his program. It's not just to help me get my desired score, but also to improve my English. Her private lessons with her accelerated my learning process to achieve my goal. In addition, each meeting helped build confidence to hit the test. Thanks to Jaime, my family and I got the scores needed for the California Board of Nursing and Green card process. More than the best TOEFL tutor I've ever met, Jaime is an enthusiastic dream maker.
Beto L.
Beto L.Engineer
Read More
Dear Jaime, Thank you for being my teacher, I have received answers for my applications for two universities, one from the United Kingdom and another from the Netherlands, I have been admitted 🙂 . It's wonderful, and this wouldn't be possible without your help. I am so grateful to you. I wanted to share this great news with you because you helped me a lot in this process, I remember before meeting you I couldn't apply abroad because of my TOEFL score, and now I have two unconditional offers. Thank you, Jaime you're the best English teacher 🙂
Patthicha G.
Patthicha G.Pharmacist
Read More
I am from Thailand and moved to the US two years ago, and I needed to pass the TOEFL test for my pharmacy license. I started studying very hard, mostly by myself, and I was able to pass all parts of the TOEFL test except for the speaking part. My score was stuck at 20-22 even though I studied very hard every day and took some small group classes with a famous teacher online. I was so devastated, but I didn’t give up. I found another teacher, and studied with her in private classes for a couple months. However, my speaking score didn’t change. One of my pharmacist friends from Facebook recommended that I contact Jaime. Once I started talking to her I felt a connection; I trusted that she could help me so I started working with her. She was able to recognize some of the problems I had that were preventing me from reaching my target score and she tried to help me fix them. She created a lot of protocols for me and she was able to pinpoint the areas that were holding me back. I was still studying diligently, but I studied with more purpose to solve my fossilized errors. And even though I didn’t achieve my dream score quickly, I kept at it because she had a belief in me that I could pass the test. And over time, I adapted everything that I learned from her and eventually I achieved my dream score. I was overjoyed to achieve this and I have to thank Jaime for help. Without her, it would have taken me much longer to pass this test. Her methods worked for me and I could tell that she truly believed that I could pass the test. I would recommend that if you’re having problems passing the TOEFL test to contact Jaime to see if she can help you too.



People who have the following skills see rapid results. 

Be willing to use technology. I currently use Google Doc, Drive and Calendar to assign, receive and organize your assignments for TOEFL iBT. By submitting the application below and meeting with me in Zoom, you show that you can use the technology that is necessary to pass.  Click here to see demonstrations of how to submit the application.

Reply to my text messages and emails. I’m committed to your success. Every question you have is valid. Your willingness to ask is what a “Success Story” does. Effective, regular communication accelerates results by 1-6 months.

Submit assignments properly. The Partnership has all of the necessary information to score the points to pass TOEFL. People who follow instructions when doing and submitting assignments get results 2-4 times faster. 

Be ready to develop your confidence. In order to transform your anxiety into focused accuracy, The Partnership includes coaching that shows you how to bring out the best and strongest parts of you for the moments that you need it the most.  

Take notes so you remember to take action on your customized homework. For example, by finishing the activities (below) for your application to The Partnership, you show that you have the self-discipline to finish a very short list of tasks.


If you need help beyond our initial 6-month plan, you will receive my unwavering support, continued homework and insight about what is necessary to focus on so that you get the results you came to me for — until your green date on Month 12.

We’re finishing this thing.


Plans start at $2000 per month and are configured to your unique situation.

You can pay with any debit or credit card to get the best reward, cash-back or 0% APR option available to you.

To discuss your customized proposal with me in Zoom,  please follow the instructions below to schedule your time and finish the preparation activities that allow us to efficiently and effectively discuss your situation.


Tap below to see answers to common questions.

My energy, time and attention are not things that I discount because they are not objects that have already been mass-produced or are just sitting in a box on a shelf.

I intentionally keep my roster very small so that you get the attention from me which allows you to make the fastest progress… So you can move on with your career. 

Students who seem to be easy to work with tend to get lower-priced proposals than students who seem to be difficult to work with. Many factors go into whether or not students are “easy” for me to work with including:

  • Their level of skill with technology
  • Their level of English (grammar, vocabulary,  accent)
  • Their willingness or ability to follow instructions (Your first opportunity to show me this is by following the instructions below about how to schedule your free call with me in Zoom.)
  • How open and responsive they are to free recommendations that I make or free help that I give

I’m the one you come to for complete results, not a few steps towards the goal.

If you’re looking to hire a tutor who bases the plan on your wishes (instead of basing the plan on 12 years of experience facilitating the kind of results you see in the 20+ Success Stories above), you can search for such a tutor here. 

9 times out of 10, students end up requiring my help with more than what they originally expected. The reason that I offer an all-inclusive package and a 6-month Unstoppable Guarantee is because many students do not accurately self-diagnose their own situation while they’re shopping (because they don’t know what they don’t know). 🤷🏼‍♀️

If you can maintain your scores in certain areas of TOEFL iBT by yourself, we will skip it and you’ll be done sooner, moving on with your career like you want.  But if you end up struggling, the All-Inclusive Partnership is insurance to stabilize your fluctuations in performance.

You can see when you read many of the reviews from real students on this page, I will focus your time and energy on relevant activities that get you the results you need.

When you buy a flight on an airplane, do you consider what parts of the plane can be cut out to save money? Should we remove a wing? The windshield? The little wheels that help the landing? Each piece may seem small, but each one is necessary to arrive successfully at the destination. 

All of my years of experience taught me how foolish it is to cut apart my program.

The Partnership is all-inclusive because neither you nor I can predict exactly how your journey will go. The last few weeks before you get results will be the least predictable and the most customized.

My goal is to get you FINISHED with this chapter of your life. That doesn’t happen quickly or efficiently if you start breaking apart the airplane on day 1. 

You can register to self-study with my e-courses, The Measurable Progress Framework series.

These are the same e-courses that people use to prepare for their private lessons at the beginning when they start studying with me in The Partnership.

You can explore your options by clicking the links below. 

Yes. Many foreign-trained professionals registered for my program in order to prepare for their first TOEFL iBT test. You can continue with submitting the application below.

You will get most efficient, streamlined recommendation if you bring me some kind of data about your performance.

Please take a realistic practice test from the company that produces the TOEFL iBT test … yes before you meet with me in Zoom so that we have all of the data.

Click here to see a tutorial video about how to take this official practice test.

I am not a financial advisor however, I am regularly asked about financing. This video shows how you can use to explore your options.



If you’re excited to discuss the details of your unique situation, follow the steps below to submit your application.

Click here to make a copy of the Google Doc which is the questionnaire that you will fill out.

Note: You must be logged into your Gmail account in order to finish making the copy.

If you’re not comfortable with making a copy of a Google Doc and typing on it, watch the video demonstration to see how to fill out your copy.

You going to choose any one TOEFL iBT Speaking Task 1, 2, 3 or 4 for expert feedback. Not all 4.

I strongly encourage you to use an official ETS source of practice (or TPO)… but any topic is fine. You choose.

You must share a SpeechRater™️ score report via because it gives me a mostly-accurate transcript so I can begin my human feedback process for Topic Development, Language Use (grammar and vocabulary) and Delivery (pronunciation, speed, etc)… which is essential for me to quickly and accurately identify your strengths and areas to focus.

If you never got a SpeechRater score report from before, please follow these directions…

“How do I start my free account for SpeechRater score reports?”

You can sign up for your free account on (which is the source of “pure” SpeechRater score reports), click here. It costs $5 per report, or less if you get discounts like I am able to offer to my registered students.

“How do I record my voice on SpeechRater?”

You can watch a video demonstration that shows you how to record your voice so that you can get a report from SpeechRater, click here.

“How do I grab the correct website address for my SpeechRater report?”

To watch a video demonstration that shows how to grab the correct link so that you can share your SpeechRater score report, click here.

“How do I tell Jaime?”

Fill out the section on your questionnaire that looks like what you see in the picture below. The left side has an example. The right side is where you type your specific details.

Below, you can choose the date and time that you want to meet.

Yes, the options that you see are showing for YOUR time zone.

🛑 Your reservation will be automatically cancelled if you skip steps 1, 2 and 3 above. 🛑

If you need to reschedule, the video below shows you what to do:
If you need to cancel, the video below shows you what to do:

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