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Jaime Miller TOEFL iBT Coach for Speaking 26 Writing 24

My Essential Recommendations for Studying TOEFL iBT

Below you will find a collection of my most-common recommendations. When people study with me in private lessons, we tend to follow the same recommendations. 

"How do I save money studying for TOEFL iBT?"

First, take a realistic practice test because it helps you identify what to spend money on first. The link below takes you to my article that shows you how.  

Second, get expert advice early on to avoid misdiagnosis and wrong approaches. Literally anyone can start offering TOEFL iBT classes. There’s no board for TOEFL tutors that creates any kind of regulations (not the way that there are boards for health-care professionals), so you need to check the credentials of who you take advice from.

Third, stick with the tutor who you trust the most. Loyalty becomes speed.

"How do I spend time studying for TOEFL iBT?"

After you take a realistic practice test on ETS’s website, you need to develop a plan of attack. Here’s my favorite, tried-and-true recommendation

"How many sections of TOEFL can I study at the same time?"

When you’re new to studying for TOEFL iBT, I recommend that you avoid multi-tasking (because it dilutes your energy and delays results). However, as you get closer and closer to reaching your goal, multi-tasking becomes necessary. Here’s why you should delay multi-tasking initially… 

"Fluency matters most for 26 on Speaking, right?"

No, not always. In this video, I share how one of my students raised his TOEFL Speaking score from 22-23 to 26 (despite some drops in his fluency)… because we focused on something other than “Speaking Rate” / speed or overall fluency in our homework assignments.

"Where can I buy your self-study courses?"

You can register to self-study with my e-courses, The Measurable Progress Framework series. These are the same e-courses that people use to prepare for their private lessons at the beginning when they start studying with me in The Partnership. You can explore your options and register by clicking the links below. 

"How do I study with you privately?"

You can find out more about how to get my personal attention, guidance and lessons until you’re done with TOEFL iBT. 

WARNING: I do not sell individual lessons for the same reason that you cannot buy half of a plane ticket. 

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