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Please click play to watch this video with details about your current options in 2023 for improving your score in TOEFL iBT Speaking, Writing, Listening and/or Reading… and then continue with the 2 steps below the video.

To study TOEFL iBT Reading or Listening with me

  • click here to see options to self-study with my e-course and Delta’s Key to the TOEFL iBT and the optional “add-on” for accountability

To study TOEFL iBT Speaking with me
how to fix fossilized errors with grammar vocabulary and pronunciation

  • Option 1: self-study with my e-course: The Measurable Progress Framework
  • Option 2: Add on “The Weekly Spark” which includes a seat in 14 Friday classes and my signature super detailed feedback and training about how to fix your fossilized errors with Memory Pouches
  • Option 3: Add on “The Partnership” an immersive, hybrid experience where you and I work relentlessly both inside 1:1 Zoom classes and outside traditional lessons to get your breakthrough ASAP

⚠️ALERT: On July 26, 2023, the TOEFL iBT Writing will change significantly.  If you didn’t hear about this yet, click to get more details. As soon as I’m able to, I’ll be releasing a new, fact-checked tutorial.  

  • Option 1 (valid until July 26, 2023): self-study with my e-course (not fact-checked)
  • Option 2: wait until later in 2023 when the fact-checked tutorial is released

Step 1: Fill Out Your Copy of The Questionnaire

After you watch the demonstration in the video, you will make your copy of the questionnaire by clicking the purple button below (and adding it to your Gmail account). 

Make sure you are logged into YOUR account with Gmail before making the copy

Step 2: Reserve Your Time in Zoom

After you watch the demonstration in the video, you will know how to reserve your time on the calendar by using the reservation link on the last page of your questionnaire.

By the end of your free "TOEFL Study Plan" Consultation, you'll know...

A Comprehensive Strategy & Plan:

  • What clues are in your “Score History” with TOEFL iBT or other exams? What do those clues indicate for your future studies?
  • What sequence should you approach your goals for TOEFL iBT (if you need to improve your score in more than 1 section)?
  • Even if you just need only 1 more point on TOEFL iBT Speaking:  What is your clear plan for how to secure that score? How should you be spending your time each day?
  • Which of Jaime’s programs are the best fit for your situation?
  • When is a good time to register for a real TOEFL test?

An Initial Accent / Pronunciation Analysis: 

  • Is your pronunciation helping you get a high score like 26… or do you need to focus on this? 

It might seem scary to hear if your pronunciation is “good enough” for an advanced score like TOEFL Speaking 26… but people regret waiting years for this kind of feedback. You’ll be in the best position by getting an expert’s opinion about this as soon as possible because either way, it will have a massive impact on your daily study schedule. 

Our Compatibility for “Communication Style”:

  • Do you and Jaime share the same kind of high-tech communication style? 

Unlike some TOEFL Speaking tutors and teachers… Unlike traditional TOEFL schools where you don’t meet your teacher until after you register…  This “TOEFL Study Plan” Consultation gives you a chance to explore your compatibility without spending any money.

Free 45-minute Lesson for TOEFL Speaking

Discover which popular Task 1 Introduction sentence is a “score-killer” and the “perfect” alternative for rapidly earning points and contributing to a high score like 26

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