Exercise 4.5.A

Read the passage and answer the question below. Then listen to the recording and answer the rest of the questions.

Reading Time – 3 minutes

Click here for the reading passage

1. What is the main idea of the passage? What points support the main idea?

Now listen to the recording. Take notes on the important information.

Click here for the prompt

  1. What are the major points made in the lecture?
  2. How do the key points in the lecture cast doubt on specific points in the reading?

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Exercise 4.5.B

Read the sample responses to the writing task in Exercise 4.5.A. Evaluate each response according to the description of the five score levels on the previous page. What score should each response receive? Why?

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Click for Response B

Click for Response C

Click for Response D

Click for Response E

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Transcript for Exercise 4.5.A



Study the descriptions of the five score levels on the previous page. Make sure you understand the description for each level. Check your understanding of the meaning of these words and phrases:

effectively addresses

accurately relates



minor omissions



lack of clarity

significant omissions


obscure meaning

writing proficiency


Review the responses you wrote for units 4.1 through 4.3. Evaluate each response according to the descriptions of the five levels on the previous page. What are the areas of strength in your writing? What are your most serious problems? What can you do to improve your writing and earn a high score for the integrated writing task on the TOEFL?

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