Listen to the recording and choose the best answer to each question. To make this practice more like the real test, cover the questions and answers during each conversation.

Transcript for 2.1 A

Transcript for 2.1 B

Transcript for 2.1 C


1 Listen again to the conversations and lectures in Exercises 2.1.A through 2.1.C. While you are listening, write down key content words: nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Don’t try to write down everything. Write down only the words and phrases that are keys to understanding the overall message. Compare the words that you wrote down with those that your classmates wrote down. Which words and phrases are the most important for understanding the message? 2 With a classmate, discuss why the incorrect answer choices in Exercises 2.1.A through 2.1.C are incorrect. Are the answers wrong because they are:
  • too general: beyond the focus of the conversation or lecture?
  • too specific: supporting detail instead of main idea?
  • inaccurate: not true, or only partly true, according to the speakers?
  • irrelevant: about something that the speakers do not mention?

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