Listen to the recording and choose the best answer to each question. To make this practice more like the real test, cover the questions and answers during each conversation.

Transcript for 2.3 A

Transcript for 2.3 B

Transcript for 2.3 C

Transcript for 2.3 D

Transcript for 2.3 E


1 Listen again to the conversations in Exercise 2.3.A above. With your classmates, discuss the meaning of the underlined expressions in the script below. In what other situations might these expressions be used?
take an incomplete I was wondering if I could take an incomplete for your class.
make up …you would have six weeks to make up the term paper….
take care of …why don’t we take care of it right now?
take turns We take turns bringing doughnuts or bagels to have at the break.
sounds like Oh, really? Hmm. That sounds like a good deal.
have to My daughter was sick yesterday, and I had to stay home with her.
get out of …the most important thing you got out of the chapter.
turn out This assignment… has turned out to be harder than I thought.
2 The conversations in Exercise 2.3.A above mention the following aspects of North American university life:
a grade of incomplete a meal plan a sabbatical
a term paper a make-up test a seminar
a final exam a one-page report a guest speaker
With your classmates, discuss whether these are part of university life in your country. Which of the items are present at the school where you are currently studying? 3 Listen again to the three discussions in Exercise 2.3.B above. Imagine that you are one of the students in each discussion. In your own words, write a brief summary of each discussion. The following expressions may be useful:
  • Today my professor talked about…
  • I asked…
  • We discussed…
  • What I wanted to know was…
  • Then she asked…
  • I made a comment about…
  • My professor explained how…
  • I described…

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