Listen to the recording and choose the best answer to each question. To make this practice more like the real test, cover the questions and answers during each conversation.

Transcript for 2.5 A

Transcript for 2.5 B


1 Listen again to the conversations in Exercise 2.5.A above. With your classmates, discuss the meaning of the underlined expressions in the script below. In what other situations might these expressions be used?
fill out For every one, there’s a form to fill out.
Let me Okay. Let me get you those packets.
go crazy You’ll go crazy if you wait until the last minute.
It can’t hurt It can’t hurt.
pull up Okay, I’ve pulled up your record.
show someone around …I have to show him around and help him find a place to live.
get settled My parents want me to help him get settled.
get it together Don’t worry. I’ll get it together.
2 With your teacher and classmates, discuss various ways that people use English to serve the functions in the list below. What expressions do speakers use? Are these expressions formal or informal? Are there contexts in which any of the expressions would not be appropriate?
  • Signal a change of topic
  • Signal the end of a conversation
  • Point out a mistake
  • Express surprise
  • Express disbelief
  • Express disagreement

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