The audio transcripts and the key points are at the bottom of the page. At the real TOEFL iBT test, you do not have access to them. We’re including them here so you can learn from the transcripts and the key points, but you should look at them after you complete the tasks.

For this task, you will write a response to a question about a reading passage and a lecture. You may take notes, and you may use your notes to help you write your response. Your response will be scored on the quality of your writing and on how well you connect the points in the lecture with points in the reading.

Typically, an effective response will have 150 to 225 words.

Reading Time – 3 minutes

Get your timer ready!

Click here for the reading passage

Now listen to the recording. When you hear the question, begin your response. You may look at the reading passage during the writing time.

Click here for the question

Writing Time – 20 minutes
Get your timer ready! Do not look at the transcript and key points until after you finish the task.

Click to see key points

Transcript for Quiz 3 question

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