What is the best 'next step' in your studies?

You need fast results on TOEFL iBT — so you can’t afford to try “short-cuts” or follow advice from people who don’t have experience solving your problem.

Based on my 10 years of guiding people through (and out of!) TOEFL “Hell,” I’m presenting the most important points that you should be focusing on.

Discussion Point 1 - The 'Prerequisites' for Speaking 26

You might be surprised to discover that your target scores in Reading, Listening and Writing play a bigger role in your Speaking score than you may have previously imagined. 

In the video below, I explain why strong Reading, Listening and Writing scores will dramatically increase your chances of getting Speaking 26 on TOEFL iBT.  This is why I call them “prerequisites.”  

Now that you know the 'prerequisites'
let's confirm where you are.

Discussion Point 2 - "Success Trends” in Your Actual Score History

Next, we must identify how frequently you have been achieving those “prerequisite” scores. The more data, the better!

Step 1:  

Organize your results in chronological order on a chart, like the example below.  Log into the ETS dashboard. Find as many of your actual score reports as you can. Don’t guess or rely on memory! 

You can draw a chart on paper or put it into a digital document by using the Google Doc at the link in the green button below

Step 2: 

Identify your “success trends” with green. For 6 examples of how to do this, watch my video below and look at the images further down this page.

You should color a box green anytime it is 

EITHER  the minimum required score for that section OR higher than the required score. 

Real Example #1 – Someone who has no green boxes
Real Example #2 – Someone who only has consistent R/L results
Real Example #3 – Someone who probably just needs help in Speaking
Real Example #4 – Someone who just needs help in Writing
Real Example #5 – Someone who mostly needs Speaking help but also may need Writing and possibly some Listening assistance

After 10 years, I’ve seen it all. 

It is safe (and worth it) to be honest with me about your real history with TOEFL iBT. 

In this situation, you have two choices.

Choice #1: You can take an official practice test on ETS’s website and get data about your performance in all 4 sections. The good news is that this is much cheaper than registering for a real test. Click here to buy an official practice test.

Choice #2: You can just assume that you have no green boxes. So, in other words, you need help in all 4 sections and you should follow my plan, beginning with the Bundle for Reading and Listening.

A lot can change in a year! Especially if you have been busy with your job, it’s possible that your confidence with Speaking and/or Listening has improved.

The quality of our plan  for your TOEFL situation depends on the “freshness” of your data.

You should spend 2-4 days reviewing and then you should take an official practice test on ETS’s website. You’ll get  results later the same day about your performance in all 4 sections. This is not only cheaper than taking a real test, but it will give you a current picture of  your situation. Click here to buy an official practice test. 

My Most Popular Recommendations and "Bundles"

Discussion Point 3 - According to The ESA Method,
what should you study next?

Now that you identified any green “success trends” (like in the examples shown above), it’s possible to discuss the general curriculum that I tend to recommend to 98% of the students who find me.

The video below explains the general curriculum — and where you probably should start. 

While you watch the video, you’ll notice that I’ll make notes on a particular handout. You can either print the handout by clicking the green button below or you can draw the diagram by hand in your notebook. 

After you finish watching, I hope that you feel feel more confident identifying the sections of TOEFL iBT that I would be saying is the most logical next step for you to study. 

The links below take you to specific e-courses and video tutorials that you can buy in order to become my student. 

It's common to wonder...

Discussion Point 4 - "Ok but what about private lessons?"

Last year, 17% of my students got their S26 and/or W24 simply from self-studying the information in the Bundles above and carefully following my feedback in the “Understand How to Fix Fossilized Errors” service.

The other 83% needed more support, like additional feedback on extra Speaking and/or Writing activities and private lessons.

Are you in the 17% or the 83%? 

We’ll have an accurate answer after you spend a couple of months self-studying with the bundle that you currently need the most.

I don’t want you to “waste” your money on private lessons any more than you do. 

That’s why I only schedule private lessons with students who have all 7 of the following characteristics…

Are you still confused?

Discussion Point 5 - How to Start the Consultation Process

I understand that studying for TOEFL iBT can be super, super confusing and overwhelming. 

I do offer consultations so that you can ask me questions that you’re still unclear about.

Click the button below to make a free account on my website and begin the free consultation process…

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