How to Mark “Success Trends” in Your TOEFL Score History

As part of the free consultation process that I offer to students with “stuck” TOEFL scores, you fill out a questionnaire and your Score History (examples are below). 

One of the fastest ways that you and I can both make sure that you’re getting help in the right areas is by identifying “success trends.” 

Step 1: Type in your results

Type all of your results in chronological order on the chart, like the example picture below. 

Notice the oldest test is first and the most recent test is at the bottom.

You don’t want to waste money or time studying an inappropriate program with me, right?

So, don’t use your memory or guess about this! You should log into your account on ETS’s website and check your previous score reports by clicking here.  

Step 2: Mark "Minimum" Scores with Green

You will use the “green highlight” option in Google Docs to identify your “success trends.”

You should color a box green anytime it is  EITHER  the minimum required score for that section OR higher than the required score. 

The video below shows you how to make things green in Google Docs…

After that, you're ready to continue with the questionnaire!

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