My Favorite Study Plan for “Stuck” TOEFL Scores

Since 2010, I have guided stressed-out pharmacists, physical therapists, nurses and other ambitious students to develop the native-speaker-like English that unlocks advanced scores on TOEFL iBT. 

If you only need to improve your Speaking score to get that 26, the discussion that we have during our free consultation will be focused and simple. However, if you’re like most of my students, you actually need to improve more than just your TOEFL iBT Speaking score. 

You do need to understand something about how the sections of TOEFL iBT fit together, kind of like layers. 

Over many years, I developed the study plan that you will see in the video below. 

In the video below, I take notes on the handout. I encourage you to either print it or handwrite the diagram in your notebook. With it, you can watch and take notes. 

After you finish watching and taking notes, you can predict what I would say is the most logical next step for you to study. 

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"Ok but must I follow that plan?"

Statistically, the most likely answer is yes. 

There are students who easily score 26 and higher on Speaking but struggle to get Reading or Listening 23 — but those kinds of students are a statistical minority. How rare? Usually only 3% of my students (or 1 in 30 students) in my experience. 

"... but we are going to talk about MY situation, right, Jaime?"

Absolutely! We need to be sure that my “favorite” study plan is appropriate for you, considering your situation.

During our free consultation, I’ll look at your Score History with TOEFL and ask you a bunch of questions about your situation. 

If you didn’t make your copy of the questionnaire yet, you can make that now by clicking the green button below. After you click, you’ll be prompted to create a copy of an internet-based document in Google Docs, which means that you must log into your Gmail account first. After you finish making the copy, you can type about yourself on it.

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