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A Fresh Start:
Balancing Life and TOEFL

Video #3: weekly layout options

In the video below, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of these 3 weekly layouts:

  • condensed
  • medium
  • spacious

An Introduction to the Options

Can you guess which layout is my favorite? 😂

3 Time-Saving "Accessories"

It only takes a few minutes to make these 3 accessories — and the result is that you will be significantly more productive and efficient, day to day.

If you want to buy the little stamp of the frog holding a gift, I paid $4 for the 1/2″ version from this vendor on Etsy.

Productivity Secret: "Eat the Frog"

It took me years (and paying for lots of productivity seminars and coaching programs) to discover what I’m about to share with you. 

Fill in Your Week with Me

Now that you know the philosophy behind using the Fresh Start Planner, it’s time to fill it in… 

Behind the Scenes: Making the Weeklies