Weekly Writing Feedback and Accountability


The first 2 are required. The third is strongly recommended.

  • You already self-studied with my e-course, 24+ Writing Tutorial, and my video lectures, Understand How to Get W24
  • You already got the preliminary private feedback as part of Understand How to Fix Fossilized Errors, so you already have Memory Pouches and you’re familiar with the protocols to retrain fossilized errors.
  • You finished at least 6 weeks of “Light Intensity” Private lessons for TOEFL iBT Writing.

Who Benefits The Most

This program is best for students who currently have a TOEFL iBT Writing score of 22, 23 or 24 (a shaky 24 that may not be stable or consistent at every exam).

How This Works
I assume that you have 10-15 hours per week, and I will schedule about 90 minutes of activities per day, most of the time. It’s a little lighter in the first couple of weeks to ease you in — but the schedule will intensify (lovingly ❤😬🤣 intensify) in order to catalyze the growth.

After you pay, you will make a layer on Google Calendar that you share with me. You’ll give me permission to add events, and that way, I can easily schedule your assignments.

Throughout the week, I’ll update your Google Calendar with particular essay-writing assignments that are appropriate. As your level grows and changes, the assignments change, too. This is why whenever you start studying TOEFL each day, you need to check Google Calendar first and see how I’ve prioritized things so you can budget your energy appropriately.

The Amount of Feedback
Each week, you choose from all the essays that you write which 3 you want to submit and get feedback on…

You will get “Detailed feedback” on 2 TOEFL iBT essays.

You will also get “Basic feedback” on 1 TOEFL iBT essay. This is just faster and doesn’t include the flashcard chart — so it is better for essays you are more confident about.

Open Q&A for TOEFL iBT Writing
In addition to that, you can ask me any questions or start any discussions about anything that is unclear to you about how to write TOEFL essays. You can ask me whatever extra questions you’ve been nervous about “taking up my time with.” For example, these might be grammar questions or concerns about how to brainstorm or deal with tricky topics, or even random things like how to take notes for certain Integrated topic’s Reading passage.

During the time we are doing this, you have priority in my inbox — so I’m scanning for emails from you, opening yours before others and making sure that I respond ASAP.

What You Get
To summarize, I’ll be supervising and monitoring your writing schedule, giving feedback and answering your questions via email for the quantity of weeks that you choose.

You’ll be getting guaranteed feedback on 3 essays per week.

Perhaps more importantly, you will be able to sit down and just follow a high-quality TOEFL iBT Writing plan without having to spend any energy making your plan or trying to figure out what’s next. You will look at Google Calendar and you will do the day’s activities. If you have any questions, you will ask me. There are no stupid questions.

Important Notes:

  1. I don’t work on Saturdays or Sundays, so if you submit on Friday, you won’t get feedback until Monday.
  2. The weekly allotment of feedback is “use it or lose it” which means that if you do not submit 3 essays in any particular week, you cannot carry them forward for later. I will make reasonable efforts to remind you if you forget, but ultimately it is your responsibility. I realize this may seem harsh or unfair, but it’s the only way I can schedule my time so that I’m available for you when I say I will be available. During those weeks, I’m also careful not to take on too many students.

How Many Weeks Is It
In my experience, students get the best results when they commit to a program length of 4, 5 or 6 weeks. When we have a conversation, we can figure out what is best for you.

The cost for this service PER WEEK is below… (so multiple by the number of weeks I suggested)



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