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A high school student from South Korea scored 101

Na-Yoon Kim is from a small town near Seoul, South Korea. Na-Yoon was determined to improve her score and she worked relentlessly for many months. She managed to stay on top of her regular homework for high school and studied TOEFL all summer with me and a private TOEFL course. This is her story.

[*unedited*] “Before I started studying with Jaime Miller, I took TOEFL two times without studying speaking and writing, so I got the SAME low score. And after studying with Jaime (because she checked whether I studied or not, I had to study speaking and writing constantly) so I really recommend having a 1:1 teacher or tutor who can check you and control you if you have a problem with studying those section that you hate to study! She made me study the speaking and writing sections that I don’t study if I study by myself!”

TOEFL, before Jaime Miller’s program: 80 and 82 (R24; L19; S18; W21)
Age: 17
Job: High School Student
Total studying: 42 hours with Jaime + regular homework + a local TOEFL course and their homework
TOEFL, 3rd time: 95 (R25; L22; S23; W25)
TOEFL, 4th time: 101 (R28; L23; S22; W28)


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