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A dental student from China got Speaking 27

Meet Liang, our student from China who dreamed of being accepted to Harvard. Liang was struggling with the speaking section of the TOEFL trying to get a 24. Read her unedited story to learn how she managed to score 110 with 27 on Speaking and made her dream come true:

“I’m a dental school student from China, and currently am a research scholar in Harvard University. I really would like to apply for an orthodontic program in Harvard School of Dental Medicine. In order to attend the training of dental residents, I have to fulfill the TOEFL requirement of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, since May 2015, I attempted for four times of TOEFL, but none of the scores of speaking section could achieve their requirement of 24… During the time, I had private lessons with 3 English teachers in China, which costed me around $2000 totally, but none of them really helped… I was desperate and I almost surrendered…

However, one of my friends found YOUR course and persuaded me to have a last try. You could never know how much that changed my life! From the Score Analysis, Jaime and I figured out the problem quickly, and did some fast practice after that. I could feel Jaime is the one who was able to help me to make it. I trust her and like her. Based on the limitation of my application deadline, after the class, I had to shorten the preparation time and spent around 8 hours per day to follow every task Jaime suggested. I did not feel tired or boring since I could see hope, and all the tasks and even textbooks of TOEFL here were so attractive and creative. I enjoyed the design, the appearance, the passion, the tricks and all the details in every video. And Jaime was keeping touch with me by emails during that time to offer me further advice. I took the exam again two weeks later, and got 27 in speaking surprisingly!!! Much much more than my expectation and beyond my imagination!

Jaime Miller’s study curriculum ended my miserable time, and offered me the final score of TOEFL with R29; L29; S27; W25. So appreciate your professional and considerate help!

As an end of a beautiful story, I got the acceptance letter from Harvard several days ago, and gonna start my new life in US. Thanks Jaime! I could not make it without you.”


Success in Numbers: Liang got feedback about her Speaking (which is part of the program, Understand How to Fix Fossilized Errors) and self-studied with information in programs like Understand How to Get S26+ for about 110 hours over 2 weeks.


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