"Finally moving forward with my career!"

A nurse from the Philippines got S26/W27 on the first pass

Meet my student, Maria from the Philippines who wants to become a licensed nurse in America. She has recently taken her first TOEFL and scored with an impressive S26 and W27!

How did she do this?

Maria practiced with all of my self-study programs and, in addition to that, with 6 other TOEFL preparation books she had.

“I studied about 10 to 12 hours Monday to Friday for 7 weeks. I had 3 notebooks for speaking, 1 for reading, 1 for listening, 1 for writing, 1 for Right Notes and 1 for word vocabularies where I list down words found in the reading section questions. I also researched American idioms and syntax and wrote them in my notebook which I read twice a day.”


Here’s what she says about her experience with us:

“I am grateful that I decided to invest in your courses because they are worth it.

I like Jaime Miller’s Advanced Speaking Guide: first, the templates for Speaking 1 to 4, then the intonation samples which I listened almost everyday and lastly, the score-maximizing phrases helped me a lot during the Speaking tests. I wouldn’t know the writing outlines if I did not use Jaime’s e-course 24+ Writing Tutorial. The outlines are very different from the free outlines online.

I passed my TOEFL iBT in my first take, and I owe my success to Jaime’s books. Investments made were all worth it. Thank you, Jaime, for establishing your e-courses because your courses helped me a lot.”


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