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A TESOL Masters candidate from South Korea got S23 (total 107)!

Last week, I got an email from one of my students. “H” is from South Korea. He is shy so he didn’t want me to use his full name. 🙂 In June, he got news that he scored 107 on TOEFL (Reading 27 Listening 29 Speaking 23 Writing 28). H needed to score at least 100 to do his Masters in TESOL in New York, but he said that at previous TOEFL tests “I could not go over 92 because my speaking was continually 18 or 19 and my listening was 22 or 23. Even my writing was 24 or 25 continually.” So in other words, his listening, speaking and writing scores were lower than he wanted.

How did he go from 92 to 107 in just a few months?

H bought 3 of my programs: Right Notes, The Advanced Speaking Guide and 24+ Writing Tutorial. After he paid, he got instant digital access to start all three programs in my website.

He said: “I studied differently from others. I watched all videos in the day I purchased. And I think that not a lot of people can do that! haha. That’s maybe 10 hours. ( I could do it because you are so ….. ^^ and the program was fun. ) However, I think that following your daily plan is the best. I agree with that. I just did my way because I am not only studying but also working. Also, all your teaching makes me relax. In Right Notes, I listened to the student’s example answers a lot because I knew she got 27. I said to myself ‘Don’t target my speaking to perfect American. Let’s try to follow the TOEFL student’s example.'” “Anyway, after studying with your programs, I increased my listening score from 23 to 29, speaking score 18 to 23, writing score 25 to 28! Thank you so much!”

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