Let's set up your computer so you are ready to Study Online for TOEFL iBT

The videos below give you bite-sized demonstrations for how to set up your computer so that you get started with Google Doc and Google Drive — which makes it possible for you to take advantage of my free consultation for TOEFL iBT and my ongoing feedback and help with your studies and assignments. 

Step 1: Install "Google Chrome" (if it's not already on your computer)

The video below shows you how to download and install Google Chrome.

Step 2: Configure Google Chrome Profiles

This makes your life so much easier — especially if you share your computer with other people in your family — and you have different email addresses.

Step 3: Making a Copy of a Google Doc

The demonstration that you see in the video below only works if you use the website browser, Google Chrome.

Step 4: Getting to Know Google Doc (Typing / Saving / Formatting)

Step 5: Sharing Your Google Doc

Step 6: Finding Your Document in Google Drive

Step 7: Moving or Organizing Your File in Google Drive

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