TOEFL Speaking video timers for the new TOEFL iBT

Note: The video below shows an older version of the timer videos. We updated them for the new Speaking section on August 21, 2019, so if you click the download button below, you’ll get the current version that you need.

The reason why you need to use my “Video Timers” when you practice for the TOEFL iBT Speaking section is because it’s kind of like a roller coast. I mean that in the sense that you get on… and you’re not in control until it ends.

If you’ve already taken the TOEFL test, you know that you have to react to the directions to speak. You need to have fast reactions and be confident.

Click to see Jaime’s transcript

Download the Video Timers Below

Share the video timers with your friends. Click to download the videos and follow the directions.

1. Use your own TOEFL speaking material (like from Delta’s Key to the TOEFL iBT, TPO or another source of practice).

2. Look at the prompt in the book and start the video timer.

3. Watch and take notes and prepare and speak, according to the timing of each video.

4. Improve! ????

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