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Success Story: Vietnamese Pharmacist scores S26

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Anh is a Vietnamese, foreign-trained pharmacist. She got her degree in Hungary and then moved to America. She wanted to stop working as a pharmacy technician, and that was why she needed minimum Speaking scores of 26+ on TOEFL iBT.

Obviously, Anh needed to meet NABP’s requirement for Speaking 26. Even though she took the exam a few times by herself, she was really frustrated with TOEFL iBT. Plus, to make matters worse, she didn’t feel like she could trust the advice she discovered in most free YouTube videos. However, she really needed feedback from someone on the mistakes that she was making. Some days, she wondered if she would ever be able to say “goodbye” to TOEFL.

One day, on YouTube, she found Jaime Miller’s presentation about what a Speaking score of 26 means. She realized that the Speaking score of 26 wasn’t a punishment — it was more like a gift. When she would finally get the score of 26, she wouldn’t be making the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation errors that made it hard for her to communicate confidently, effectively and efficiently with coworkers. She realized that, in the future, as a pharmacist, she would have to manage people, build relationships and trust with colleagues and patients, and hold her own in arguments or stressful conversations.

She started seeing the score of 26 on TOEFL as a significant milestone towards her development as an “advanced” speaker of English.

This is the process that Anh ultimately followed to study with Jaime Miller and her programs — and how she scored Speaking 26 for the first time in her life:

  • She joined one of Jaime’s early classes, which are now available for you to watch in the program: “Understand How to Get S26”
  • She got feedback on her Speaking by finishing the “Understand How to Fix Fossilized Errors” program and studied really seriously.
  • She rearranged her work schedule and didn’t make excuses about why she couldn’t (or didn’t want to) study the material.
  • She enrolled in (and finished!) her customized private lesson plan to make her speak more accurately.

Although she’s done now, like she shares in the rare video interview, it wasn’t always easy. She had plenty of days when she wondered how she would ultimately succeed.

She was tenacious and kept her faith in herself… which is why she agreed to do this video interview with Jaime after she recently scored 26 on TOEFL iBT Speaking…

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